Review: Hertz 24/7

Hertz 24/7 reviewed in Hoboken

Is it worth getting rid of your car for shared hourly rentals?

Hoboken411 spent last month tinkering with these Hertz 24/7 cars which were formerly called “Hertz on Demand,” “Connect by Hertz” and “Corner Cars.”

The purpose was to test out the ease of use and cost in real world situations. And to figure out exactly who the ideal customer is – and whether taking away residential street parking (Hertz pays only $100 per spot!) is even necessary.

Cost for 4 mixed-use Hertz 24/7 rentals: $640

We used the Hertz 24/7cars four times – in various situations. A combination of the tiny car, medium car and SUV – and from a few hours during a weekday, brief weekend use and one overnight stay on the weekend. Total cost was $640.00.

Using the cars wasn’t complicated. Just book your car online – and swipe your membership card on the windshield at the time you reserved the vehicle.

A gas card is provided as well (you need to find the PIN number on the dash to give to the attendant).

Note that weekend use is the most costly – and early weekday use was the cheapest. Again, the cost was $640 for one overnight trip and about 14 hours of miscellaneous “errand” use.

Was it fun? Reliable? Safe?

The cars in the Hertz 24/7 fleet are practically brand new, so driving them didn’t feel unsafe.

However, the Fiat 500 is a horrible ride – especially for a very tall person like myself. Bring back the Mini Coopers! The Ford Fiesta pictured above, while hardly comfortable inside – held its own on the highway surprisingly well (although it did sound like it was revving as high as a blow dryer at times). And the “high-end” SUV’s fulfilled their duties in a satisfactory (albeit costly) manner.

High to Low – ranking potential users of Hertz 24/7

  1. People who don’t own and rarely need to use a car. If you’re a person that needs a ride one or two times per year – Hertz on Demand cars are a great fit. However, if you need long-term rentals – you’ll still do better at the rental counter rather than these hourly cars. Even better? Friends with cars.
  2. Very infrequent users. You need a car once a month or so – for various lengths of time. Hertz is a good all around option for you.
  3. Once a week users. This is the sort of “break even” point in my opinion. For over $600 per month for what I think is still very light usage, may be more than what you’re paying now for your car. Sure you don’t have the hassle of parking, gas and insurance – but you also don’t have unlimited use of (or flexibility with) the car – which would cost much more.
  4. Current car owners (or more than once a week drivers). You love the freedom of going wherever you want whenever you want.
  5. Car enthusiasts. You will hate every single one of these cars with a passion.

Do Hertz on Demand cars really need to take away parking?

In this simulation – the rentals ranged from “I have to go on an errand to Home Depot,” to “Let’s take an impromptu overnight trip,” to “grab the gang and let’s try somewhere new to eat!”

Hertz on Demand cars should really be taken off city streets – and placed in strategic garage locations (or private property) around Hoboken – just like the Zip Cars do.

Each one of these situations required a different car – which were not around the corner from our location. So the argument for having a car close to your home is only valid if you use the same exact car each time. And as you can see, different scenarios require different cars. And 50 less parking spots for Hoboken residents for the economic gain of a commercial rental company is just not fair. Let them fend on their own and find a different place to keep them.

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The total price of 640. seems high, but it is still cheaper than owning a car. In 2003 when I moved to NYC I sold my car. The payments alone were 500 or so. Not to mention the insurance, upkeep (VERY expensive), etc. I am assuming it would all be more now….almost a decade later. I belong to the Corner Car program, and while I have not used it yet I’m so happy to have the option.


i’ve rented the corner cars at stevens, and at 8th and 6th streets pretty much since they started. Every two weeks on average. Last week I paid $5/ hour for one of those cute little fiats. For 4 hours it was under $25 including fees/taxes. I use Zipcar too. They are both so easy it makes you wonder why so many people in Hoboken still have cars…


$640 for one overnight trip? A fool and his money are soon parted.

You can rent a car at Enterprise in town just as quick for much less money $40 a day without insurance, use a credit card that covers insurance instead. I have been using them for a decade their rates are much better.

If you aren’t the lazy type you can hop on the train to Newark Airport and rent a car for $20 a day and an SUV for $40, I have done that a few times when I need a car for more than one day.


Police cost will be the same parade or not. If she wants a shot a re election she has to have the parade?


She has to have the parade. Not a question.[quote comment=”213416″]Police cost will be the same parade or not. If she wants a shot a re election she has to have the parade?[/quote]


Wow, I was pleasantly surprised with how objective this review of this program was. I think this is the first time I’ve ever read anything even mildly positive about this program on this website. Usually it’s calling the program “dopey” or “silly” and that it’s a conspiracy with the city government.
Have you used Zip Cars before? That would be a good side-by-side comparison. I agree that the benefit of having the cars parked on city streets is negated if the car you need is on the opposite side of Hoboken. The Hertz car spaces on my street were both empty for over a month this past summer. After emailing the HPU about that, one Hertz vehicle returned to the space. But since there are two spaces, that’s still one wasted space that has been empty for the last five months. I’m reading to go out there with some black spray paint and remove the unused space.