Hoboken Health Corner: January 2012

Note: While Hoboken411 has now officially embraced the low-carb lifestyle with great success, and may not agree with each point of this contributed article – we understand that not everyone is “ready” for information they’re not used to hearing.

So we’ll continue offering info from other sources. Your mileage (and confirmation bias) may vary…

New Year Health Tips: Small Changes

By Leslie Goldstein, RD

Every year you make a resolution to lose those 10 lbs, but do you stick to your plan past January 31st? This year, make a resolution to make some changes to your diet instead of going on a diet! Those “grapefruit only diets” are no fun and never last anyways…

healthy hoboken measuring waistSome small changes that you can make each day:

  1. Start your day with breakfast- you’ve heard it before, but breakfast starts your metabolism for the day and will give you energy to get you through till lunch. If you skip the meal you will only become more ravenous at lunchtime, which leads to overeating!
  2. Increase fiber- this will increase your feeling of fullness, it will also help you reduce your cholesterol (probably another resolution?)
  3. Have less sweets- try to have that Carlo’s or Crumbs cupcake only once a week and have fruit at night the other days of the week. If you really have a sweet tooth try these new Ciao Bella blackberry sorbet pops I discovered that are only 70 calories!
  4. Drink more water- if you think you are hungry or are craving a snack, drink a cup of water and wait 20 minutes to see if your craving subsides. Not a fan of water? Try unsweetened iced tea or Hint – a Grapefruitsnew flavored water with no added sugar that comes in 10 different flavors!
  5. Join a gym today! What better time than the New Year to kick your exercise plan into gear. Better yet, this time of year many gyms are having discounts. Planet Fitness in Hoboken is offering a $10/month deal right now—what are you waiting for? Not interested in a gym, take advantage of the Hoboken waterfront and take a walk or run each day.
  6. Stick to a schedule and try to eat every 3-4 hours. Have 3 meals a day and include snacks during the day. This will ensure you get all the nutrients your body needs.
  7. Learn to try new foods- this will prevent boredom in your diet and keep you on track as well! You can even try new varieties of seasonal foods such as broiled grapefruit (just so you can get your grapefruit fix!)

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About Leslie Goldstein, RD

Leslie Goldstein is a Registered Dietitian (RD) practicing in North Bergen and Hoboken, New Jersey. Leslie is an avid exerciser who combines her nutrition knowledge and passion with motivational support in counseling to help her clients make lifestyle changes. Leslie specializes in weight management, general wellness, Diabetes, bariatric surgery, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Leslie accepts most major insurances. www.healthystepnutrition.com 8100 Kennedy Blvd. North Bergen, NJ 07047 Ph: 201-378-3287 Email: LeslieGoldsteinRD@gmail.com

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 10:31 am

Great article this month. I agree to all points above. Take advantage of walks when you can!

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