Financial help at Stevens Co-op

Since many Hoboken parents have expressed concerns with our local school system, they no doubt have to consider alternate educational entities.

New Financial Aid Program at Stevens Cooperative School

Stevens Cooperative School announces a new financial aid program for students entering 5th through 8th grade at its Newport campus.

“As our school expanded through middle school first in Hoboken, then in Jersey City, we want to make our education is a viable choice for all families, not just those who start their children in independent schools,” says Nancy Rossi, Director of Admissions and High School Guidance. “We recognize that families may consider private education for the first time when their children reach adolescence, and it is important that we make financial assistance available to those families.”

The program is available for both current and new families whose children will attend the Newport campus in grades five through eight. For further details or to schedule a tour, please contact Nancy Rossi at 201-792-3688 or

Stevens Cooperative School Financial Aid Newport NJ Jersey City Hoboken - Financial help at Stevens Co-op

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Monday, January 9, 2012 3:12 pm

So according to their website it cost $15,900 a year for grade 3-8. Why dont we abolish the entire Hoboken school system and send all the kids here. It would be 10k cheaper per student then we currently pay.

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