Hoboken Week in Review – 7/22/2007

hoboken411weekinreview - Hoboken Week in Review - 7/22/2007Last weekends water main break and the mystery behind Bernie Kenny’s battering were hot topics this week.

Festivals, waterfront productions, and more construction are signs that it’s summer in Hoboken.

Feel free to send tips, rants, comments, and suggestions to: Hoboken411@gmail.com.

News, items of importance:

  • Ouch! – Senator Kenny got pretty banged up on 8th and Bloomfield. Questions still linger about what happened.
  • Wa-Wa! – Water main break becomes 6th most commented post very quickly.
  • CNN Tourism Commercial – Cable news channel ranks Hoboken as a fabulous place to live.
  • Wolfpack – More punks sharpen their future skills by senselessly assaulting a random resident.

Town Government:

  • Election Fraud? – The 4th Ward election comments section heats up with tons of allegations. What will really happen?
  • Fade to Black – The celebratory Council inauguration is mysteriously unable to be broadcast on Ch. 78. Conspiracy theorists wonder why.
  • What? I can’t hear you! – A resident urges the City to re-vamp it’s noise control ordinance.
  • Spongebob Square Park – Squishy artificial surface to replace what could have been grass at Church Square Park.


New, Updated or Coming Soon:

  • Cheez-It – The store with the cheesy name is now open! Residents rejoice.
  • Rugs and stuff – Online Hoboken furniture and rugs store “Tribalhome” now has a brick & mortar version.
  • Wet – Pier A fountain back in operation.

Leaving Town, screwed, or mucked up:

  • Nothing this week


  • Parks – We sought out some open space outside of Hoboken.

Reader Mail Bag:

  • Slow Down! – New speed limit signs by some schools ready for action coming this fall.
  • Clogged? – If your sewer backs up, this reader tells you who to call to get it fixed!

Fun, Games, Miscellaneous Stuff:

  • Hobotown – Local artist starts weekly cartoon series on 411.

Notable incidents, crimes, fires:

  • Lewd Nude – Pedestrians got to view a man milling around his window in his birthday suit.

Recent Town Incidents:

hoboken hit and run cartoon - Hoboken Week in Review - 7/22/2007

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[quote comment=”35745″]I saw Wawa and at first thought Hoboken was going to get one.[/quote]

that would be great.


I saw Wawa and at first thought Hoboken was going to get one.