Giant Wash Laundromat {Realty?}

Hoboken – Birthplace of “Realtor Row?”

Jesus, get a load of the buzz we’re hearing about the old Giant Wash Laundromat location at 8th & Washington.

Word on the street is that yet another Realtor is going to take this spot. Not sure if it’s official yet – because the “for rent” sign was still up. But I guess with those commissions, they can afford the $10k+ a month rent?

At this rate – a petition will be circulated to rename Washington Street to “Realtor Drag,” or “Agent Avenue” or something along those lines.

Giant Wash Laundromat Hoboken NJ Real Estate Office

Giant Wash Laundromat Closed in Hoboken, NJ

Here’s a zinger! Giant Wash Laundromat at 8th & Washington closed a few days ago. WTF?

I know businesses that deal with “quarters” (i.e., video arcades, parking meters, cheap hookers) have “dwindled” over the years – but laundromats? Why? They also offered wash & fold, free Yankee games on TV and a convenient bagel store next door. Guess utility bills made it too difficult?

In today’s “everyone wants everything easy” society – I suppose a “happy ending” massage parlor / laundry service would have to open in it’s place. Oh well, it seems like another “Hoboken icon” has fallen by the wayside. Not all is lost, though – this could easily be occupied by another political candidate in a few years. You know, for that “government” that does such a good job for the residents…

Giant Wash Laundromat Hoboken NJ doomed closed

Description: Former Laundromat
Address: 804 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030-7039
Telephone: (201) 656-9837

Giant Wash Laundromat (when it was open)

Image from back in the winter of 2006 (amazing memory cards last this long!)

giant wash and dry laundromat1.JPG

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I guess lying about Rent Control laws, misleading about Crime Statistics, and ripping off young people really pays off for those blood sucking, slimy realtors.