Giant Wash Laundromat {Realty?}

Hoboken – Birthplace of “Realtor Row?”

Jesus, get a load of the buzz we’re hearing about the old Giant Wash Laundromat location at 8th & Washington.

Word on the street is that yet another Realtor is going to take this spot. Not sure if it’s official yet – because the “for rent” sign was still up. But I guess with those commissions, they can afford the $10k+ a month rent?

At this rate – a petition will be circulated to rename Washington Street to “Realtor Drag,” or “Agent Avenue” or something along those lines.

Giant Wash Laundromat Hoboken NJ Real Estate Office - Giant Wash Laundromat {Realty?}

Giant Wash Laundromat Closed in Hoboken, NJ

Here’s a zinger! Giant Wash Laundromat at 8th & Washington closed a few days ago. WTF?

I know businesses that deal with “quarters” (i.e., video arcades, parking meters, cheap hookers) have “dwindled” over the years – but laundromats? Why? They also offered wash & fold, free Yankee games on TV and a convenient bagel store next door. Guess utility bills made it too difficult?

In today’s “everyone wants everything easy” society – I suppose a “happy ending” massage parlor / laundry service would have to open in it’s place. Oh well, it seems like another “Hoboken icon” has fallen by the wayside. Not all is lost, though – this could easily be occupied by another political candidate in a few years. You know, for that “government” that does such a good job for the residents…

Giant Wash Laundromat Hoboken NJ doomed closed - Giant Wash Laundromat {Realty?}

Description: Former Laundromat
Address: 804 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030-7039
Telephone: (201) 656-9837

Giant Wash Laundromat (when it was open)

Image from back in the winter of 2006 (amazing memory cards last this long!)

giant%20wash%20and%20dry%20laundromat1 - Giant Wash Laundromat {Realty?}

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I guess lying about Rent Control laws, misleading about Crime Statistics, and ripping off young people really pays off for those blood sucking, slimy realtors.