Low Carb Pick: Fajita Fundida at Baja

Baja’s Fajita Fundida – A grand low-carb choice in Hoboken

If you take away the rice as well as the corn (and flour) tortillas – Mexican food is quite solid choice for low-carb eaters.

Each week, we’ll highlight one low-carb dish from area restaurants – and Baja’s “Fajita Fundida” (with some minor modifications) is one of my favorites in town.

The Fajita Fundida is basically a nice (and large) skirt steak which comes to your table sizzling and stuffed with Mexican cheese, bacon, green & poblano peppers and onions. Replace the side of rice and tortilla with sour cream and guacamole and you’re in tasty heaven! Take your time, and enjoy this slowly. You’ll find that it will satiate you in no time.

The dish is the costliest item on the menu (it was $19.95 last year, but they raised the price to $22.95 this year), but it’s amazing and worth it – because you’ll get at least two, usually three meals out of it (or it can be shared between two people).


Low Carb Meal of the Week Hoboken NJ Baja Mexican Fajita Fundida - Low Carb Pick: Fajita Fundida at Baja

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There is more to it than just what you eat.

My grandmother was one of those bacon eating folk. She also was still climbing up on roof to put on new shingles at the age of 70. She maintained 11 properties she rented out (fresh paint when someone moved out, flowers planted every spring, she cared for those homes as if she lived in them). She also bowled in 3 leagues. She volunteered at the hospital.

In short she was not capable of sitting still.


btw, the Baja Special is another good choice there. Beef, chicken, and shrimp, you can skip the rice and tortillas. It’s also huge, good for two more meals at home.


I dunno. I kinda go for the whole ‘everything in moderation’ attitude when it comes to consumption. I do enjoy bread, but I don’t down an entire package of it at once, or depend on it for survival or anything like that…

Buon appetito!


Yes Hoboken411 is correct.

Fats from natural sources (grass fed butter, extra virgin coconut oil, beef tallow) are FAR superior than anything low-fat.

Bacon from a reputable source (nitrate free/ pastured pork) is certainly healthy for you. Sour Cream made from grass fed cows is as well. Cheese is really good for you too.

STAY AWAY FROM SOY!! It is the evil.

It’s called whole food eating… or some take the paleo route. Google the info, its true.

The low-fat craze is a bunch of lies and contributes to the poor health of Americans. That and sugar.