City Council Meeting – 1/4/2012

Hoboken City Council Meeting of January 4, 2012

Back to business at city hall tonight at 7pm. Bookmark this URL to watch streaming video later.

Read the Agenda and Resolution Pack to get caught up.

Parking Idiocy shows its ugly head once again in Hoboken!

One item of interest is some intersection parking modifications – but as expected, leave it up to the brainiacs at city hall to mess even something simple like that up, as Hoboken411 reader “Slantz” points out:

“Just read the new ordinance on “extended parking zones” for the City Council meeting.

It states: “25 feet from crosswalk inbound leg and 15 feet on outbound leg is permitted

However, it also states “the City is NOT REQUIRED to install or maintain signs or other indications for this extending parking. It shall be incumbent upon the driver to ensure they are parked properly.”

Maybe the Parking Utility can issue tape measures when we renew our permits this year. They just keep digging the hole deeper for themselves. As a prior supporter of this Mayor, she just doesn’t get it, or for that matter Director Sacs.”

Live Hoboken City Council Meeting: January 4, 2012

Should begin around 7pm.


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Looks like Arch Liston (Business administrator) is jumping ship. Zimmer is reporting he’s retuning to South Jersey for family matters. I wonder. He’ll be sticking around til they find a replacement.


Ok, when I nod my head, you hit it & then place the round peg in the square hole.