NY Waterway releases mobile app

NY Waterway: App that allows for payment & ticketing in one!

Only U.S. Mass Transit Company with 100% Phone-Based app on Android & Apple Devices

NY Waterway, the largest private ferry operator in the country, today announced the launch of their new mobile app. NY Waterway is the first mass transit service in the U.S. to offer a 100% smart device-based app that incorporates payment and ticketing, all in one. The app was created and developed by Bytemark, a company that provides a platform for development solutions for mobile commerce. It is available to download for free from www.nywaterway.com, the Android Marketplace and the iTunes App Store, and will work with all Android and Apple iOS-run smart phones as well as the iPad. This solution, unlike others, allows NY Waterway customers to instantly purchase and use a ticket as well as store multiple tickets and monthly passes on their mobile devices. The app will run on Bytemark’s mobile ticketing and payment platform.

“NY Waterway is thrilled to bring this newly developed technology to our customers to make ticket-buying more seamless, and so we can get them to where they need to go more efficiently,” said Paul Goodman, CEO of Billybey Ferry Company, which operates under the NY Waterway banner. “Your smart device becomes your mobile ticket purchasing option and your boarding pass.”

NY Waterway mobile app iphone android Hoboken NJ

NY Waterway App offers slew of features

Some of the key features of the app, besides the ability to purchase tickets, include:

  • Real time advisories for service changes and emergencies
  • Easy access to ferry schedules
  • Route maps for ferries on both the Hudson River and East River
  • GPS bus locator to track status of connecting buses
  • Easy access to the NY Waterway and East River Ferry Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, foursquare and Flickr pages

The NY Waterway app is the first system that does not require code scanners, NFC (Near Field Communication) readers, or any other expensive infrastructure for a mass transit group or anyone requiring ticket validation. The app has unique security features for NY Waterway management to allow them to change images and ticket details for the deckhands to easily validate tickets. The system also collects real time ridership information anonymously and, in the future, will provide unique advertising to customers based on where they are embarking or disembarking.

For more information, please visit www.nywaterway.com.

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