Keeping busy during the winter in Hoboken

The Hoboken Holidays Are Over…

Now that the holidays are behind us we have a stretch of several months ahead with less “to do” around Hoboken. Especially for those of us who are not so eager to brave the chilly weather outside.

Post Holidays in Hoboken NJ 2012 winter projects - Keeping busy during the winter in Hoboken

…But Winter’s Just Begun!

Recently, a discussion with a friend about tackling long-forgotten projects inspired me, I came up with a few good ideas for the next several months of winter. By the springtime, I hope to have taken care of many little projects around the house, and will spend some time learning more about remarkable things outside of Hoboken, New Jersey. There’s nothing wrong with a dose of some culture even when there are no real travels in the near future…

Here are some suggestions for you as well:

Fix the Broken Stuff, Catch Up & Clean!

  • Get Torn Clothes Mended, and Worn Shoes Re-Soled. I don’t know about you, but I have a few favorite things laying around that really need to be mended to see the light of day again. I plan to bring them over to the fantastic Yvonne at Italmoda Custom Tailoring (526 Jefferson) and Giovanni D’Italia Shoe Repair (700 Garden St.)
  • Fix Broken Household Objects. I definitely have some broken items around that need gluing, and many small and large projects to take care of. Instead of replacing every broken object, I often just prefer to fix it. Money saved, motor skills retained!
    Fix broken stuff in Hoboken NJ during the cold winter of 2012 - Keeping busy during the winter in Hoboken
  • Write a Letter to an Old Friend. While the letter seems like a nice touch, I may even send a quick email to some folks I haven’t kept up with in a while. And no, not through Facebook either.
  • Shred Unwanted Paper and Receipts. I’m sure we all could use a little house-cleaning in this category. I plan to do this on a dreary winter day – what better time?

Become Adept at Cooking an Exotic Cuisine

There are a couple things that I always wished I could cook better – a really tasty curry, a delicious souffle, or a fantastic paella.

I plan to pick a cuisine of one region, add a few cookbooks to my collection and hopefully become skilled in cooking a variety of more complicated sauces and dishes. Any good spicy recipes you can recommend?

Learn foreign cooking in Hoboken NJ in 2012 - Keeping busy during the winter in Hoboken

Watch More Foreign Films

8 12 Federico Fellini - Keeping busy during the winter in HobokenThis is one thing that I do not do enough of (although I’m happy to report I stopped watching broadcast TV for the most part last year), and this winter I plan to make it a priority to watch a few more films that reflect what life is like elsewhere, outside of the reality TV entertainment du jour.

Friends have recommended a few films to me over the years that I plan to finally watch, including:

  1. Delicatessen (Jeunet)
  2. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring (Kim Ki-duk)
  3. Monsoon Wedding (Nair)
  4. A Bout de Souffle (Goddard)
  5. 8 1/2 (Fellini)

Learn About a Little Known Time Period in History

There are several historical time periods that I’d like to learn more about, including the Ottoman Empire, the Chinese Dynasties, and the Middle Ages to name a few.

In the next several months I plan to pick up a few books and spend more time learning about the great events past instead of getting too wrapped up in the latest new iPhone app, all the apocalyptic “2012” hype, or what everyone’s Twittering about so incessantly.

Here’s wishing everyone a fun & productive winter in 2012!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012 4:36 pm

A long time ago all the discarded christmas tree were dragged to the empty lot on 6th and park. The trees were dragged there by kids coming home from school it was a race between the kids and dpw. When there was a nice sized pile they were set on fire. This ritual went on for a long time and the cops went ape shit but they just couldn’t stop it. It was finally halted when they built a bunch of houses on the lot.

The Professor
The Professor
Tuesday, January 3, 2012 3:11 pm

I saw that film “Spring Summer Fall Winter…” a couple years back. I always recommend it very highly to friends.

Angry Bird
Angry Bird
Tuesday, January 3, 2012 1:22 pm

That tree seems to be missing every single needle. Hilarious. Guess the Hoboken water wasn’t too refreshing.

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