JerseyCats of the Week: 1/2/2012

Bill and Eric the cats need a new home!

This week’s JerseyCats adoption update is all about Bill & Eric!

Bill and Eric the cats for adoption Hoboken NJ JerseyCats

“Hi! We’re Bill and Eric, brothers from a group of kittens that included our siblings Sookie and Alcide. They were both adopted together so we’re forced to get along. But it’s going well having a buddy around that relates to the sorrow of being separated from our Sookie (though we would never admit this to each other). We really love chasing each other around the house and hanging with our remaining siblings, Lafayette and Tara. We are just happy to be off of the dangerous streets of Jersey City and inside a safe and loving home. But we need to find our forever home!

Could your home be the home for us?”

Contact JerseyCats to learn more about Bill and Eric – or even better, to arrange to meet them in person.

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