2011 Hoboken Business Year in Review

Hoboken gains more businesses again despite empty storefronts

An interesting phenomenon in Hoboken over the past few years. From my rough calculations – in 2011, the Mile Square city netted around 20+ more businesses that opened than closed, and the running total over the past four years is over 100 more businesses!

Hoboken NJ 2011 Business Year in Review Openings and Closing

Does Hoboken have too much retail space?

Yet why are there still so many empty retail spaces around town?

The explanation is simple: The number of retail spaces has been steadily increasing. With new mixed-use properties such as The Berkshire, Maxwell Place, Metrostop and other smaller developments, to the more commercial and industrial spots on the north and west sides of town (like the Pilsener Haus building, and Peachtree Hollow strip mall), retail spots are trending up with the Hoboken Population (now over 50,000).

Another reason why we still have a revolving door of businesses, is the steep rent increases that some landlords impose on their loyal tenants, often forcing them to move or close down. It’s quite possible that the tax-cut promise FAIL from Mayor Zimmer also plays a role.

Regardless of who, what, when, where and why – the Hoboken business landscape is never without ups, downs, controversy and change!

New Hoboken Businesses in 2011:

(in no particular order)

  1. San Giuseppe Pizza
  2. Tilted Kilt Pub
  3. Garden Street School of the Performing Arts
  4. Planet Fitness
  5. Chicken Galore
  6. Sol Caribe Latin Fusion
  7. Go Row Studios
  8. Las Olas Sushi Bar & Lounge
  9. Calle 6
  10. Havana Cafe
  11. Iconic Fashion Lounge
  12. Cream & Sugar
  13. Jonathan Marx Opticians
  14. Basile’s Pizza
  15. Gallery 1200
  16. Fish Emporium
  17. Rush Cycling
  18. Dina’s Kiss & Makeup
  19. Marty O’Brien’s
  20. Johnny Pepperoni
  21. Office Depot
  22. HomeMade Pizza Co.
  23. JCF Boot Camp
  24. Pilsener Haus & Biergarten
  25. Sammy’s Roadhouse
  26. Cooper’s Union
  27. Applegate Farms
  28. St. Joseph’s Pediatric Center
  29. La Bouche Cafe
  30. Second Time Around
  31. Lucky Baby Boutique
  32. Hoboken Pet
  33. Serenity Boutique
  34. Ayame Hibachi
  35. Gold Wireless
  36. Montessori School
  37. The Stone Hut
  38. Lana Santorelli Gallery
  39. Dreamz Salon
  40. Ibby’s Falafel
  41. Raf Deli
  42. Mon Cheri Frozen Yogurt
  43. Tony Q’s Dry Cleaners
  44. Hoboken Little School
  45. Cammareri’s Bakery
  46. Hoboken Hair Salon
  47. Balbo’s Pizzeria
  48. Mamoun’s Falafel
  49. Maoz Vegetarian
  50. European Wax Center
  51. Brownstone Agency
  52. Old German Bakery
  53. Guitar Bar Jr.
  54. Walgreen’s
  55. ZeniSalon
  56. Boutique Realty
  57. Cozy Cuts (for dogs)

Coming to Hoboken in 2012:

  1. Hoboken on Rye
  2. V’s Barbershop
  3. Choc-o-Pain
  4. Koko FitClub (2nd location)
  5. Matt & Meera
  6. The Cuban

Closed (or announced closing) in 2011:

  1. Blockbuster Video
  2. La Bella Pizza
  3. Fast Frame
  4. Dr. DePaola Dentist (combined kids location)
  5. Lucy’s
  6. Beach Bum Tanning
  7. El Barrio Burrito
  8. Hoboken Farmboy (anyone sure if this is still happening?)
  9. Toots & Tallie
  10. Anika’s Kati Roll Grill
  11. Bronze Republic
  12. Harvest Cuisine
  13. Busker’s
  14. HomeSlice
  15. Park & 6th
  16. McCarthy’s Pub
  17. Crepe Grill
  18. The Cage
  19. William Howard Home
  20. Joey’s BBQ
  21. Miami Rice
  22. Baron Drug
  23. Baskets of Distinction
  24. Premier Soccer Shop
  25. All American Dry Cleaners
  26. Uptown Buzz Cuts
  27. Dino’s Sandwich Cafe
  28. DeRuggiero Realtors
  29. Patina Realty
  30. Nutrition Zone
  31. West End Station
  32. Sapori Dream Foods
  33. Sushi House (uptown)
  34. NINE
  35. One Stop Laundromat
  36. Hoboken Dance Academy
  37. Capello Studio
  38. Oz-N-Company Dog Grooming
  39. Flacoz Tacoz

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Friday, December 30, 2011 2:05 am

The city does not make doing business here easy

Thursday, December 29, 2011 6:01 pm

You forgot Blockbuster Video on the closed list.

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