Flooded Sewer Grates?

You every noticed a clogged sewer grate on a particular corner in Hoboken?

Here a Hoboken411 reader tells you what to do about it. Let’s hope by calling this number, some action is actually taken!

“Dear 411ers,

I was raised to do more than watch the water rise. So I called North Hudson Sewage about the clogged corner sewer at 4th and Clinton. Those things are called catch drains. The woman took my info down. The number to call to report such problems is 201-795-1411.”


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In addition, if you see a problem call up or e-mail the North Hudson Sewage Authority…they are in charge and will take a complaint, even on line, and come to look at it and correct it if they can. They came right away up here when we needed them!


did a lot of work up here on 11th for the sewer and flooding problem all July and August. New system, new pipes, and a lot of work on the flooding that we had, and do not have now.
Mr. Pocci was phenomenal and cooperative, and the North Hudson Sewage Authority is still here checking pipes and going down into the bowels of Lady Hoboken weekly. The person who tapped in said uptown had no problem …not true..we did but worked on it for months. Today, time will tell…

This is a massive rain that will last for a couple of days. Will check the washroom in the basement, and the sewer trap and corners to do damage control, as usual. Hope the work did the good it was supposed to, at least until the flood warning is dropped.


today during the morning commute I was happy to see that the 4th and Clinton sewer was working fine.


I called this number today about the sewer at Newark and Willow. They said the sewers were called “Catch Basins”. They took down my info, we will see if it works.

uptown girl

411- Maybe having a “Help Yourself” Catagory would be useful to your readers. It could contain info on who contact to get issues solved, like this info or that to get a street ligh fixed, you can contact PSE&G through their website. It could also include Council People’s contact info. I know, just add that to the list of things to do…