2012 Fitness Specials in Hoboken

Some healthy Hoboken suggestions to start your year off right!

By Amy Orrell-Branco

Hopefully you are not still digesting the Panettone or fruit cake and eggnog and that you were able to make it through the holidays in one piece. As we come upon the New Year’s festivities we start to put last year behind us and look forward to new beginnings.

Let us close the door on 2011 and set our intention. In yoga we refer to this as Sankalpa which means to set a resolve or will, purpose, and determination (See this great article in Yoga Journal about Sankalpa…)

So, instead of setting yourself up with a negative why not learn how to try a new skill or find yourself a new crew? Either way you will be much healthier and happier if it is something that you enjoy rather then doing the old adage of lose 10 lbs which may have become 20 now.

Hoboken NJ Fitness Goals for 2012

Tips for getting on track in the new year

Here are some general tips:
Hoboken Fitness Tips and Deals for 2012

  1. Set up an appointment for yourself on a consistent basis to do something active whether it is for 20-60 minutes. This way you have this appointment in your calendar for you.
  2. Grab a buddy and go for a walk, hike, run, or check out something new.
  3. If you have wanted to have a personal trainer but can’t afford the cost, then get a group of people together and see if the trainer will do a small group session. Most will and the price point will be substantially reduced and most likely will be full of laughter as you break a sweat.
  4. Set up a separate email for different newsletters and coupon sites. This way you don’t have to worry about your personal email getting bombarded but maybe a local studio is holding a cool fitness or yoga class coming up. Here are two places that are:
  5. Keep a look out for more as the new year approaches and always stay in the loop with Livingsocial and Groupon as most local businesses are doing special offers currently.

Local Hoboken Fitness Deals

Here is a list of some local deals:

  • Club H Fitness – Early Resolution membership. No enrollment and $799 for the year.
  • Club KO Kickboxing – Free Trial Class
  • Crossfit of Hoboken – Check out their off peak hour prices for a substantial price difference. Crossfit can be a really fun place for a group of you and your friends to train. They are intense workouts but fun as well. You will not believe what you are capable of.
  • Hoboken fitness and gym deals 2012

  • Curves – Free trial week
  • Devotion Yoga – New Client special is $40 for 1 month of unlimited yoga at both studios. They will be launching their 21 day club which will be 21 days of straight yoga with 2 great workshops thrown in.
  • HAC (Hudson Athletic Club) – 1 Free Trial day
  • Hoboken Aikikai (Sensei Michael McNally) – Monthly classes for $100 (couples $165). Located in the Monroe center. Great group!
  • Hoboken Bootcamps – Free trial week
  • Hoboken KoKo FitClub – Free Smart Training session.
  • LA Boxing – Free Trial Class
  • Impower Pilates – 2 Private and 1 mat session for $65 5 tower, 1 reformer, and 1 mat class for $99
  • Mimi Kids Yoga – 2 weeks for $29.95 (adults and kids)
  • NYSC – 30 days for $30
  • Planet Fitness – Pre-Sale is still going on. $10 per month.
  • Surya Yoga Academy – Three classes for $40

About Amy Orrell-Branco

Amy Orrell BrancoAmy has been studying yoga for over 10 years. 4 years ago she decided to deepen her practice and become a teacher. In 2008, she completed her 200 hour training with Bright Spirit Teacher Training with Jillian Pransky, Carrie Parker-Gastelu, and Tam Terry. She has taken part in the 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training at ISHTA with Alan Finger, Jean Koerner, and Peter Ferko. She is grateful for all the great teachers along her path including Niika Quistqaard, Kim Baubles, and Liza Bertini.

She believes that it is important to listen to the inner guru in each of us and come from a place that is supportive and light hearted. She is grateful to be able to share with everyone that she meets. Along with her yoga training she is also a Certified Massage Therapist and Medically Based Certified Therapeutic Personal Trainer who has been certified with ACE and NASM for over 10 years. You can find Amy at Devotion Yoga in Hoboken and at the Ojas center in Edgewater. If you would like to follow her on Facebook you can fan Play Train Live. Website under construction.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011 5:53 pm

Being active is the main key. Gyms are not the sole solution to have a healthy, fit body. Get a dog, turn off the TV and find some hobbies that aren’t passive.

Reply to  212transplant
Thursday, December 29, 2011 12:08 am

BUT passive hobbies are so much easieeeer!

For real, amen! And neither is starving or depriving oneself of eating certain kinds of foods.

Note: I said “foods”, not “processed garbage from McD’s”.

[quote comment=”213137″]Being active is the main key. Gyms are not the sole solution to have a healthy, fit body. Get a dog, turn off the TV and find some hobbies that aren’t passive.[/quote]

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