Truck hit bridge


A big waste of time. Nothing serious. Barricades being removed and road re-opened. Sorry about that!

Not sure what the exact details of this incident are or how severe, but I overheard on the live police scanner about 1/2 hour ago that a truck had caused “structural damage” to one of the train bridges on what was referred to as “Observer Highway and Marin Boulevard”. This road is called Henderson Street on the Hoboken side, and Marin Blvd on the Jersey City side (about 150 feet south of Observer).

It could be the bridge used by the NJ Transit Trains or the Light Rail bridge to the south. The last I heard was that the road was blocked for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

I’ll be in the area later and will try to investigate further.


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It took me an hour to get from Newport to Hoboken once b/c of some dumbass that got a truck stuck under that bridge.


Yeah, this happens every once in a while. I happened to walking that way a couple of years back where a rental truck managed to wedge itself under one of the overpasses, ripping a pretty good-size chunk off of the truck. NJT police came by, traffic was down to one lane going by, the trains kept using the bridge and before long it was cleaned up. I think part of the problem is that one of the bridges is lower than the others, so trucks clear the first few and then hit the lower one.