JerseyCats of the Week: 12/16/2011

Stormy and Nino the cats need a new home!

This week’s JerseyCats adoption update is all about Stormy & Nino!

Stormy and Nino cat adoption JerseyCats Hoboken NJ Hoboken411

“Hi! We’re Stormy and Nino, brothers from a group of kittens rescued from a horrible storm. We’re fearless, inquisitive, and full of energy (and word has it the most affectionate kittens in town). Whether you’re looking for a cuddle buddy or an entertaining little buddy, we will satisfy both needs. We’ll be making you laugh with our silly kitten antics, then purring on your lap the next minute. Both of us are really connected to each other and are hoping that our forever home will house both of us!

Could your home be the home for us?”

Contact JerseyCats to learn more about Stormy and Nino – or even better, to arrange to meet them in person.

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