900 Monroe

Another Real Estate development update today.

Just wanted to pop up a picture of the 900 Monroe lot, which has been methodically demolished this year.

Here’s a blurb from Hobokenparks.org about this site from last year. It seems they lost:

Hoboken Parks.org is aggressively fighting to make sure this 6+ plus acre park become a reality, as a publicly owned and managed park for active recreation. Unfortunately, the properties included in this Westside park site are under extreme development pressure at this time. In October 2005, a developer, Tarragon\URSA, obtained numerous variances from the Hoboken zoning board to permit it to convert the zoning for the 900 Monroe property from a 4 story industrial use to a 12 story high-rise residential use, despite the property being identified in the City’s own Master Plan as park land. The proposed 12 story residential towers would wipe out a major portion of the 6 acres identified in Master Plan park land on the west side.


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