HPU now stealing handicap spots!

Hoboken resident spots HPU in handicap space

Hoboken411 reader Jason spotted this Hoboken Parking Utility van taking the a handicap space in front of the A&P Supermarket.

I’m sure they were on a caviar run for Transportation Czar Ian Sacs, but is the walk that far in the parking lot?

HPU van parks in Handicap Spot in Hoboken NJ - HPU now stealing handicap spots!

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I was a union rep for a long time and we had a had some clown park in a handicap spot.A citizen made a call and followed it up with a emailed picture, bozo got 10 days in the street with no pay. Has anyone sent this picture to the cops?


Not sure why everyone is mad, the HPU IS very handicapped. Have to love the “parking” job done here as well, right on target if you ask me.


Seriously? In a handicap spot?

What the F, man??

This actually really makes me mad. As it is we don’t have a lot of handicap spots in town and these lazy, ugly, low-life fat asses can’t do a better job at parking in a regular spot? Looks like there’s an empty spot right behind the van.

I really hope they’re all fired. And I don’t give a crap if they find another job soon.


If the goal of the HPU is to be the biggest bully and jerk in town, it’s succeeding.