Stumped for holiday shopping ideas?

Grooming gift certificates in Hoboken great for dog-lovers!

This may help a few of you scratch a few items off your holiday shopping lists!

Gift certificates may not be the most personal present in the world, however – to a dog owner in your life – it’s an awesome gift to receive!

Hoboken offers several dog grooming locations to choose from

Generally, if you’re looking to ensure that the gift recipient doesn’t have to pay anything extra when they redeem their certificate – be sure you get the “full service” package (including hair cut / trim, nails, and the works). Now would be a good time to guess the dogs weight, as price varies on the size of the dog.

Some grooming options in Hoboken include:

As you can see – Mr. O is ready to be a holiday tough guy. I told him no one would take his mohawk seriously if he keeps wearing that gingerbread cookie scarf…

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And the bandana is kinda badass.

Mrs. L
Mrs. L

Nice cut for oscar!