Parking Offenders on Film – 7/16/2007

I was thinking of changing the title of these postings to “P.O.O.F.”, what do you think?

Anyway, here’s another small gallery of offending vehicles over the past couple days, as submitted by the readers:


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On my jog yesterday I ran past an illegally parked boat. I did not have phone cam with me so sorry no picture.

The boat was parked on the corner of 9th and Castle Point infront of the house with a pool. It was good for at least three parking tickets.

1) parked right up to the corner
2) No Hoboken parking sticker
3) Trailer and boat were facing the wrong direction bascially parked backwards.

If it is there tonight I will snap a picture and send it in.


The hummer is parked on the sidewalk like that alot, between Grand and Adams on 4th.