Getting your eyes examined?

Eye exams are easy in Hoboken, and not a bad idea!

For my entire life, I’ve had better than 20/20 vision. No complaints or reasons to pay for vision insurance, or have regular checkups at the eye doctor (knock on wood!)

However, after checking out the new Jonathan Marx Opticians uptown (1212 Washington St.), I decided to get one anyway and see what happens!

Jonathan Marx Eye Exam in Hoboken New Jersey - Getting your eyes examined?

Full-service eye care at Jonathan Marx in Hoboken

I was in the trusted care of Dr. Irene Lui at Jonathan Marx, and she ran full comprehensive eye exams.

She measured my visual acuity, which confirmed my 20/20 vision, as well as some other muscular tests to see how my pupils responded to light, my peripheral vision and depth perception. We also performed so other tests checking out curvature of my corneas.

The next test was interesting – we used their phoropter and retinoscope which tested my focusing ability under various lights and lenses (If you haven’t had your eyes “numbed” ever before, it’s a bit freaky!) This is where we discovered that I had minor astigmatism in one eye (which explains why it was slightly more difficult to see at night while driving).

I made the decision to try a pair of glasses, while very weak in prescription strength – may improve both night driving and possibly after long hours in front of a computer screen. I received the glasses the same day (Eco brand – have you ever heard of them?)

Overall, the team at Jonathan Marx was very helpful and courteous, and Dr. Lui made me feel comfortable during the examination. Even if you think you have perfect eyes, it can’t hurt to get an eye exam just to be sure. They might even be able to find a problem before it becomes worse.

Designer glasses at Jonathan Marx Opticians Hoboken NJ - Getting your eyes examined?

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