City cars park wherever they want

Hoboken city vehicles park illegally – no tickets here!

This city SUV parked illegally in the yellow (too close to the intersection) while they enjoyed some food at Mario’s Pizza. No tickets, no boots, no problem!

I’m serious about my original idea: Each time a non-emergency city vehicle like this parks illegally – deduct the value of the fine ($218 or whatever) from both Parking Director Ian Sacs and Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s paychecks. Citizen Summonses!

Someone has to feel the pain of the residents, right?

Hoboken city car parks illegally with no ticket or boot fine dawn zimmer and ian sacs - City cars park wherever they want

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Monday, December 5, 2011 11:33 pm

Happens every day with no acknowledgment or apologies from the city. They boot you and laugh as the very same laws are broken.

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