Water Main Break

7/16/2007 Update:

Thanks to reader “ajm” you apparently don’t have to boil your water anymore:


It looks and smells 3ok to me, but I’ll stick with the bottled water for a few more days, just in case. What about you guys?

7/15/2007 Update:

United Water has issued this press release:

Boil water advisory continues for Hoboken and Newport section of Jersey City

JERSEY CITY, NJ, 7/15/2007 7:34:19 AM – Officials at United Water today are requesting all of the company’s customers in Hudson County to conserve water to assist the Hoboken and Jersey City customers who are experiencing low water pressure as a result of yesterday’s 36-inch main break. United Water issued a boil water advisory yesterday afternoon for customers in Hoboken and the Newport section of Jersey City.

“Customers in high rise apartment buildings in southern Hoboken and the Newport section of Jersey City still have very low pressure or no water at all,” said Jim Glozzy, vice president and general manager of United Water. “Our emergency crews worked through the night and have been replaced with new crews to finish the work necessary to repair this main break. We are dealing with infrastructure that is more than 100-years old in many areas and it has been very difficult to completely isolate the main break.”

Glozzy said customers in Hudson County should use water today for only essential purposes while emergency crews continue to fix the water main. “We’re asking people to use water for their basic needs,” he said. “That will help us keep pressure available for most customers.”

A contractor working on a demolition project yesterday accidentally struck a main 36-inch water transmission pipe on Coles Street in Jersey City causing widespread low pressure and, in some cases, water outages throughout the City of Hoboken and the Newport section of Jersey City.

Company officials issued the boil water advisory yesterday afternoon. Customers should boil their water for one minute before using it for drinking, cooking, brushing their teeth, feeding their pets, or making baby formula.

7/14/2007 10:30pm Update:

Went to a nice park in Englewood Cliffs for some R&R, and as most of you know the water has been weakly restored as of about 7:30pm. How’s the water color/pressure for you now?

The Hoboken City website finally put up a “boil water advisory”.

Also, from the Associated Press:

Pipe break causes water problems for Jersey City, Hoboken

7/14/2007, 7:56 p.m. EDT
The Associated Press

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (AP) — A contractor accidentally ruptured a water main in the city’s Newport section Saturday afternoon, disrupting water service to parts of the city and neighboring Hoboken for several hours.

The break was reported around 2:30 p.m. in a 36-inch pipe on Coles Street, about a half-mile from the entrance to the Holland Tunnel, said Rich Henning, a spokesman for United Water, the utility that runs the water systems for both cities.

Jersey City Police spokesman Lt. Edgar Martinez said the break flooded streets for a few blocks around and shut off water service to Newport high-rise apartments as well as Christ Hospital.

Five large water trucks were brought in to provide drinking water for residents, Martinez said.

The break also affected neighboring Hoboken, where many residents had very low water pressure or none at all, Henning said.

By 7:30 p.m., officials said service had been restored most of Jersey City and Hoboken, although pressure remained low and residents were urged to boil water for a full minute before drinking it or using it for cooking.


3rd Ward Councilman Michael Russo has issued this press release:



Few things to note (as overheard on the scanner):

  • Hoboken’s Hospital and Christ Hospital in Jersey city are on a “divert” due to the water emergency. Last patient in need of medical attention was taken to Palisades General Hospital in Edgewater.
  • Also heard the HFD testing out hydrants. I believe they can do some kind of “divert” there too, as it was mentioned that they were going to get the water supply from Weehawken. Not sure whether the hydrants are on different sub-system or not. Anyone have any idea if that’s the case?
  • One officer inquired whether restaurants are allowed to be open during the water outage. The dispatcher indicated “for now”, as they’re serving bottled water. I’d be leery about how they keep the kitchen and utensils clean without water.

Seems as if the whole city of Hoboken is without water. Heard that it’s a water main in Jersey City.

Calls to United Water were unsuccessful, as the line is busy. If anyone wants to try: 800-422-5987.

Not sure when service is expected to be restored, and how long you’ll need to boil your water. Many stores are selling bottled water at a break neck pace.


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so what’s the deal here? water main break or not? boil water or not? United Water gets off the hook WAY too easy all the time, let’s be candid. they always defer to the “old infrastructure” of Hoboken, but the fact is this is the line of business they chose to be involved with. their deferral is cowardly, and it’s about time they be held accountable for their piece of the puzzle in this whole water supply system mess.


Yes! I noticed this morning in the shower that the water wasn’t as strong. It wasn’t weak but it wasn’t as strong as usual.

ron mexico2
ron mexico2

anyone else with low water pressure?

ron mexico2
ron mexico2

“Officials say residents in Secaucus, Union City, North Bergen, Weehawken, West New York and Guttenberg in Hudson County as well as all resident in Bergen County should boil their water for one minute before any consumption, such as drinking, cooking, mixing baby formula or brushing teeth. It is not necessary to boil water for showers, cooking or washing clothes.”

I guess we’re safe?

strand tramp
strand tramp

i read the article…did you see the quote by Gans (the guy who made $38mm off the Maxell deal)…that he didn’t want to comment, and that he’s SURE THEY HAVE INSURANCE!
he’s commenting that his contractor has insurance, so go take it up with them!
the tragedy is that it doen’st seem to occur…it’s doesn’t even seem to dawn on this millionaire that his guys took away the water supply for an entire town of people! that’s the kind of attitude that landed Martha Stewart and Paris Hilton in JAIL.