Party Faces by Rachel

party-faces-by-rachel-hoboken-example.jpgNew addition to the Hoboken411 directory today.

You’ve sent the invitations, ordered the birthday cake, hired the entertainment, bought the party favors and piñata. What’s missing?
In a world full of cookie cutter birthday parties, it can be a challenge to come up with that special something to make your child’s party one for them to remember.

Here to help is partyfaces! We offer face painting services for birthday and theme parties and events in the Manhattan and Hoboken area.

We’ll help turn out all sorts of colorful characters and wow your guests, children and parents alike!

Description: Face painting!
Location: Hoboken, and NYC area
Contact: Rachel Evans via email:, or phone:917-685-3672


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With so many Dakotas, Skylars and Jacks (Daddy has a “24” obsession) I can’t imagine anything but the boutique birthday party thrown by these monster-carriage wielding passive/aggressive clones. Ever heard of a collapsible stroller?


what no helicopter to fly in Hannah Montana — damn cheap parents to settle on a face painter. No offense to rachel, the idea is cute and there is a market for this in hoboken.

uptown girl

I was raised with birthday’s at home. A craft project made for the entertainment and a take away, in one and home made or Baskin Robins cake. Then again, my parents were not the keeping up with the Jones type.

I regret to inform you that there are a lot keeping up with Jones type people in this town. Take a look at all of the shiny luxury cars (3 yr lease) and the “must have” clothing, accessories or gagets of the season. Do you really expect the people who constantly spoil themselves to do any less for their children?

In terms of kids’ parties currently, hiring a face painter is pretty low on the scale of excess.

BTW – I have even been to events (adults only) where there have been face painters. I have not have done it, realizing that it may be fun at the party but eventually you have to leave (still wearing the face paint.)


People. It’s face painting. RELAX.

kooky kat

Here come the moms!! I say spoil the hell out of them, as long as you make all the other kids and parents in their class feel inferior – go into debt for heaven’s sake!!

Of course, I don’t really thing face painting is a bad thing to have at a kids party. I wouldn’t mind having one for myself. 😯