Vehicle B&E – 7/13/2007

7/16/2007 Update:

A reader sent a little follow-up about this string of vehicle break-ins on Harrison St.:

“To Hoboken411,
Attached are some pictures of the B&E. The individual did smash a few windows of different vehicles along Harrison. The pic with the car is the actual car he was busted in by the police.”


While I was out walking my dog, a reader reported hearing this incident on the live police scanner:

“Coming over now at 1:45 am – individual was caught breaking into a car between 1st and 2nd on Harrison.

Several calls to the PD about a black male breaking into a vehicle resulted in a number of officers being dispatched to the scene and the perp was caught in a vehicle looking for things to steal. Looks like several other vehicles may have been hit as well. “

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never mind – I see it was already posted.


Good job. Now what was with the fire department hosing down the shanty town at about 11 last night? I saw lots of cop cars and a fire truck blasting away w/ the hose. Did one of those shacks catch fire or did the guy just need a shower?


Saw the B&E happening last night outside and called it in. It was like an episode out of Cops as we were watching the guy break the glass and get in the car as I was on the phone with the police describing it ! Pretty impressive how fast the undercover cops were on him to stop him from running away.