Jubilee Center Car Wash

The Jubilee Center is having a car wash fundraiser for the next three Saturdays to help fund sending kids to camp this summer. I know my car needs it BADLY!

Over the next 3 Saturdays the kids from the Jubilee Center will be having car washes in Hoboken to raise money for summer camp. Here are the details:

  • Saturday, July 14th
  • Saturday, July 21st
  • Saturday, July 28th

10am until about 2:30pm

7th Street between Hudson and Washington Streets
ONLY $5!!

PLEASE, PLEASE forward this info on to everyone you know in the area and ask them to have their car(s) washed!

Check out the kids:

not the hoboken car wash for jubilee - Jubilee Center Car Wash

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[quote comment=”34418″]btw JAHoboken has asked to be the first to benefit for next Saturday’s charity drive. He’s hoping for a personal donation of at least $5,000 to bring him to a total length of about 5.5 inches.[/quote]
Oh, Yah. I can’t beleive you would kiss and tell on a public website. You have NEVER, NEVER complained to me before and I explained, over and over, that if it was a problem we could use your strap on. But, no. Just tell the world about my “little” problem. Well, I forgive you and will absolutely be donating to your cause. I mean, I know how much pain it has caused you personally and why you started the charity in the first place. Yah, “4” Innovation. You go, girl!


I just realized this water main break pretty much washed out the idea of a charity car wash. I wonder if the mayor or Michael Russo will open their padded wallets and help out the kids this charity drive by the Jubilee Center was supposed to help out since nothing could be done for their cause today.


btw JAHoboken has asked to be the first to benefit for next Saturday’s charity drive. He’s hoping for a personal donation of at least $5,000 to bring him to a total length of about 5.5 inches.


Wow! How progressive! I mean, why not use cheap ads to promote the benefit of children. What else spells A-m-e-r-i-c-a? or Hoboken for that matter.
Well, I guess we shouldn’t be so serious about the content featured on Hoboken411. It is representative of the city whose dwellers are mostly comprised of well-to-do aging frat boys/dullards. How about in the next pic you show your typical Hobokacholic passed out in his own vomit at 3 in the morning while needy children spray him down for money used to sponsor their trips to summer camp.
Lastly, I would like to promote my own charity drive. It will start next Saturday on Washington street and it will be held for the “length” deprived men of Hoboken (est 96.4%). For every $1000 dollars we generate our donees will get an extra inch to add to their baggy shorts. This is not so much for the “shorties” themselves but rather for the women who love them. :mrgreen:

uptown girl

I love these charity car washes. For $5 you get a hand washed car (inexpensive) and you have done something good for the community. The last one that I went to at the Volunteer Ambulance Squad, I worte them a $100 check. $5 is the charge to wash the car, don’t forget to tip and I am sure that they would be happy to accept a larger donation as well.