Hoboken school performance dwindling

Hoboken BoE wastes money on propaganda; Kids failing more than ever

One Hoboken411 reader who is a mother – wanted to shed light on some obvious antics going on within the Hoboken school system and Board of Education.

In a brief, yet concise note she recently sent in, she mentioned a few glaring examples of the difference between “propaganda” published by the BOE, and real-world evidence that doesn’t quite back up the fabulous claims our school board makes.

For starters, take a look at this end of year newsletter that the Hoboken Board of Ed paid for this past summer:

Hoboken School Propaganda Board of Education NJ - Hoboken school performance dwindling

Sure says some nice stuff about our great 150-year history and pride, eh?

Truth in advertising? Kids First failing Hoboken’s children

This parent wanted to know “where is truth in advertising?” as Hoboken has failed to meet the baseline standards for progress year-to-year, and is now deemed a “School in Need of Improvement.”

She added that last year, “the SAT scores in Hoboken were at an ALL-TIME LOW!” and that certain HSPA tests were “dumbed down” (i.e., made easier) so that kids would have a better chance of passing. Way to prepare our kids for the future, right?

Additionally, she asked “with a the school budget accounting for over $50 million tax dollars annually – how can anyone say how great the school is? The only people giving glowing reviews are devout political supporters that don’t even have children!”

“How can you have faith in a school system when Board of Ed members like Irene Sobolov pull their kids OUT and send them to higher-performing county schools?”

Hoboken NJ Schools not making the grade - Hoboken school performance dwindling

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