Hoboken Kittens available for Adoption

Kittens up for adoption in Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken411 reader Phyllis knows how much we’ve really helped the animal community over the past six years, and she’s been caring for some cats that are now ready for adoption. You ready for a kitty cat yourself?

Hoboken Kittens for Adoption - Hoboken Kittens available for Adoption

“First I wanted to say that during my tenure here in Hoboken I have seen Hoboken411.com grow and I love your website as a great tool for finding out different types of news throughout the city of Hoboken. I have been fostering 4 kittens for the last 6 weeks and I was hoping that you could help me in trying to find these amazing kittens some forever homes! I have been posting flyers all around town, and when I walk by I always see that people have taken the little information strips, but yet I still don’t hear from that many people!

Here is a little background information about these little guys! I am fostering these kittens through Companion Animal Placement, a non profit organization located here in Hoboken. We rescued the kittens off the streets of Hoboken by 10th and Bloomfield, there was a great area effort of people who saw the kittens before Hurricane Irene (which they managed to survive) we then started our effort of trying to trap the kittens which we succeeded in doing in the beginning of October. I have had the kittens in my apartment over the last 6 weeks socializing them and getting them house trained for adoption.

They are super social and unbelievably friendly! They all love playing with each other and love to run around and play with people. Unfortunately, we can only foster them and we are unable to keep all of them! We would love to find some loving homes for these guys before the holidays if at all possible.”

Contact Phyllis at phyllisebaker@mac.com or (201)835-8608 for more. And see the profile for each cat here below:

WillowMimiHercules – and Tucker.

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