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Stress Free Holidays

By Amy Orrell-Branco

Ah… the holidays are upon us and with that; rich food, lots of parties, loss of your fitness routine and for most of us lots of stress. So how can we bring balance back into our lives?

Here are some tips that may help:

  1. Make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. According to Dr. Mehmet Oz in You: On a Diet; it is stated that “when your body does not get the seven to eight hours of sleep it needs every night to get rejuvenated, it needs to find ways to compensate for neurons not secreting the normal amounts of serotonin or dopamine. The way it typically does this is by craving sugary foods that will give you an immediate release of serotonin and dopamine.”
  2. Eat a healthy snack before you go out. Try to eat something that will give you sustained energy. Such as something the contains complex carbohydrates and protein or healthy fats. Try an apple with almond or peanut butter or Greek yogurt or a protein shake. This will keep your blood sugar stable so that you don’t end up giving in to your food cravings.
  3. DON’T punish yourself! Ok, so you missed your workout or had one too many cookies. Get back on track and start fresh. Punishing yourself only sets you up for failure. Rather reward yourself and preferably not with food. Keeping things positive will help you to stick with it.
  4. Connect with your breath. A lot of the times during stressful situations we have dysfunctional breathing that leads to creating more stress. During the holidays we forget about ourselves and what it is that we need. Whether it is skipping that party because we are exhausted or cutting back on what we are spending on gifts out of fear that we will upset someone. When in all honesty we are the ones stuck with the credit card bill come January. By just taking a few moments to feel your breath fill your belly you can slow down and regroup.
  5. If you know that your fitness routine will be less then routine, then see where you can add little moments to your day. Take the stairs, do a few push ups here and there, or do a few walking luges.

Hopefully these will help keep you on track. If you have a tip that you would like to share, please send it to us as we would love to hear what you have to say.

Happy Holidays!

About Amy Orrell-Branco

Amy has been studying yoga for over 10 years. 4 years ago she decided to deepen her practice and become a teacher. In 2008, she completed her 200 hour training with Bright Spirit Teacher Training with Jillian Pransky, Carrie Parker-Gastelu, and Tam Terry. She has taken part in the 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training at ISHTA with Alan Finger, Jean Koerner, and Peter Ferko. She is grateful for all the great teachers along her path including Niika Quistqaard, Kim Baubles, and Liza Bertini.

She believes that it is important to listen to the inner guru in each of us and come from a place that is supportive and light hearted. She is grateful to be able to share with everyone that she meets. Along with her yoga training she is also a Certified Massage Therapist and Medically Based Certified Therapeutic Personal Trainer who has been certified with ACE and NASM for over 10 years. You can find Amy at Devotion Yoga in Hoboken and at the Ojas center in Edgewater. If you would like to follow her on Facebook you can fan Play Train Live. Website under construction.

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