Identity theft reaching new heights

This ain’t yo’ momma’s identity theft anymore!

Back in the day – identity theft was all about stolen credit card numbers, social security numbers and folks essentially spending money using your credit rating (and name).

Ways you’d protect yourself were shredding your documents, shopping only at reputable locations, or simply just paying cash for everything. The lowly criminals weren’t necessarily “stealing” your actual identity, but rather just borrowing a few parts of it for their own illegal monetary gain.

Boy, things have changed these days!

facebook impersonation identity theft fraud Hoboken NJ - Identity theft reaching new heights

Online identity theft now includes Facebook, classifieds and much more

With millions of people now on Facebook and other social networking sites 23.5 hours a day, it’s become a world within (the real) world. It seems like the only way many folks actually spend their time, communicating, entertaining themselves, and living their lives within the handheld digital matrix devices that they’ve become unwittingly addicted to.

However, the identity theft is now becoming a lot more real. As the online world replaces many traditional avenues of communication (like a hand-shake, eye to eye contact, actually speaking, using a pen, etc.), many rely on this online world for finding people, businesses, information and the like.

Fake profiles, fraudulent business pages and defamatory postings

In a world only filled with sensible, rational individuals – who all lead respectable, honorable lives – we wouldn’t have any issues with people creating phony Facebook profiles, pages and so on.

But you see, there are what seems like millions of pathetic losers in the world, who have nothing better to do than impersonate others – whether it’s an attempt to destroy their reputation, defame their character or hurt their businesses.

Take the case of the NJ woman who created a fake Facebook profile of her ex-boyfriend. A Judge in NJ said that she can be charged with identity theft – and may possibly face trial. It’s about time that the law caught up with these sad individuals. There are even sadder people here in Hoboken, who’ve even created fake sites or pages targeting Hoboken411. I can only imagine how boring their lives were before.

“There are two types of people in the world: Creators and Destroyers. I prefer to align myself with the creators, because they bring something positive to society.”

– George Lucas

Legislation proposed in NJ to protect victims of online impersonation

NJ Assemblyman Ruben Ramos recently sponsored legislation that finally shines some light on these pathetic individuals who live their lives impersonating others – including monetary penalties along with possible jail time.

And just because these low-lives are so protective of where they do their dirty deeds (like internet cafes like The Office or other coffee shops in Hoboken), doesn’t mean that surveillance video and other means aren’t available to identify them for prosecution.

And I wouldn’t be surprised to see some particular individuals in the Mile Square finally exposed for the games they play online once and for all. Who knows, it could happen any day now!

Don’t you agree that it’s about time that something is done about “internet bullies?”

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Monday, November 28, 2011 10:49 pm

It’s also kinda pathetic as well when someone impersonates your screen name on other dopey sites that have ridiculously poor user management policies.

But yeah, I support this legislation.

The Professor
The Professor
Monday, November 28, 2011 11:13 am

This is a really interesting post, 411. People who don’t even use any social media, I would think, are at an even greater disadvantage- how would they even know if someone was impersonating them? I had no idea about this legislation proposed, but I would definitely be in favor of it. Only low-lifes are on line pretending to be someone else, or undermining someone’s business or reputation. They deserve to be punished.

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