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Part of the “Get out of Hoboken” series, we had a chance to check out a place in Jersey City that I drive past often. Dorrian’s is located around the Newport area.

See Saturday Lunch review below!

dorrians exterior jersey city - Dorrian's - Jersey City

Description – Irish Pub & Restaurant serving Irish & American cuisine. With outdoor seating available plus Catering. Entrée price range $8 – $16.
Web –
Address – 555 Washington Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07310
Telephone – 201-626-6660

Read review below!

July 2007 “Really Simple” Review:

After attending the Canis Minor “Ice Cream Social” for dogs over near the marina, we decided to grab a quick bite to eat somewhere nearby. Much like the financial district in NYC, many places in the Newport area are not open on the weekends. However, Dorrian’s was, so we took our animals and sat outside.

Dorrian’s is a rather large bar/restaurant on the ground floor of a corporate office building along Washington Street. While it wasn’t the most genuine “Irish Pub” aesthetically, it was well laid out and contained a large bar inside. Was empty today.

The outdoor seating was comfortable, with large premium umbrellas shielding you from the elements. Our waitress Katie came over and took our order. She was friendly and professional (although it took her a while to warm up to our casual jokes.)

A rather simple order. A Chicken Quesadilla for starters, A standard cheeseburger, and a chicken wrap.

Our waitress did warn us that the regular chef wasn’t in. This was warning sign number one.

The quesadilla, while pretty tasty, was missing an ingredient that was stated on the menu. The Pico de Gallo sauce. We got that rectified rather quickly. Not a big deal. Was a satisfying appetizer for two people, or a good meal for one person.

dorrians jersey city chicken quesadilla - Dorrian's - Jersey City

I do my standard “if you screw up a basic bacon cheeseburger, how can I trust the rest of your menu?” most times when I first eat at a place that serves them. So I ordered a bacon swiss burger. Medium Rare.

I get the burger sans bacon. Not a big deal, they brought a plate out 5 minutes later. Burger getting colder. I get the bacon and it was much too thick and tough. Tasted honestly like it had been involved in an actual fire. Really smelled that way! Not good! Didn’t eat it.

dorrians jersey city cheeseburger - Dorrian's - Jersey City

Burger meat isn’t bad at all. Although nowhere near medium rare, it was still acceptable meat. However, I taste the french fries (which come in three varieties: Steak fries, shoestring or sweet potato), and they are outright nasty. Something musty or old about the oil that was used to fry them. My date agrees after initially thinking I was out of my mind. Horrific.

The manager comes over and asks “how is everything?”. I told him about the fries, and forced him to try one. He offered up an alternative, and I chose the shoestring fries. Just as bad, if not WORSE! They obviously had bad oil in the fryer and that is not acceptable. I’ve never had to “smell” a french fry in my life until this occasion.

My dog Oscar wouldn’t even touch these, and he was starving from the long walk around the city. He’d rather eat my smelly sneaker than these toxic potato death rations. He didn’t lick me for a week after I tried feeding these to him.

dorrians jersey city oscar didnt like the fry either - Dorrian's - Jersey City

Lastly was the chicken wrap. Not bad (except for the fries), but nothing special. What you see is what you get here. (my date ordered this and I forgot her opinion).

dorrians jersey city chicken wrap - Dorrian's - Jersey City

We’ve heard other things about this place, and how it’s not a bad Irish bar to hang out, and that the food is normally above average. It just stinks that the first time you go somewhere that the food is sub-par and even unappealing in some instances. Hard to want to go back if you’ve had an unpleasant experience initially.

Our waitress was nice and understanding in general, and so was the manager, somewhat.

Anyone else have any experiences here?

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For some reason the URL didn’t take on the Robert Chambers preppy killer wikipedia article I posted – you have to include the (killer) at the end to make it work.


Ah, the legendary Dorrian Brothers…you couldn’t get me to go into the front door of one of their places for all the free Guinness in Ireland.
(read about their payout to the victim’s family)

And of course we all know about this one:


I work in the general area and have been there a few times, nothing special, rather just take the light rail into hoboken and have a burger at hobson’s


My boyfriend also used to work in Newport tower and hated Dorrian’s, mostly because they were the only irish bar in the area, drew huge happy hour crowds and never had any drink specials. I never really remember him eating there, on the few occasions when I asked him if anything was good, I usually got a shrug and “It’s bar food” response.


Ha! “Toxic potato death rations” are some strong words for crappy french fries, but then I guess if Oscar wouldn’t touch them, it’s the only way to describe them.