Summer Thunderstorms


Only 30 minutes after the rain started, Hoboken flooded. See? We don’t need a “storm of the century” to flood our town, despite what some may say.

While nowhere near as bad as the previous deluge, it still can be prevented.

(thanks to the anonymous reader for sending these pics from Newark St. in)


Here’s a good example of what happens in Hoboken after a decent heat wave.

We get a moderate thunderstorm from time to time. This one is pretty strong today. A 411 reader reported from his way home from work in Union, NJ saying that he was driving through feet of water after only 15 minutes of heavy rain. “A lake came down almost instantly!”

Additionally, there are many lightning and thunder related false alarms that the Hoboken Fire and Police departments are responding to. See any fun flooding? Send some pictures in!

At least it will be nicer and less humid for the next couple days.


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No major flooding in Hoboken this mornig?
I’m in NYC watching news and seems there is flooding all over Northern NJ, LI and NY.

CBS just did a piece on an area of Queens (I think it was Queens) where there is always flooding and the residents want NY City to repair the drainage…..makes me think the residents of the worst areas of flooding in Hoboken should call, send photos, e-mail all the local stations everytime it happens. Emphasize that the local politicians continue to insist there is NO FLOODING problem.
It can’t hurt. Maybe some local TV coverage will push for some much needed infrastructure repairs….and who knows, maybe even more.


The catch drain/corner sewer at the NW corner of Clinton and 4th is clogged and the water is up onto the sidewalk.

Wonder if Russo cares about that problem?


How are the Hoboken flood zones doing as of now??


What a lovely smell I was greeted with on the way home.

Doesn’t help the situation at all when the retards drive down the flooded streets, pushing water even further. I feel bad for the guy that owns Legal Beans. He gets flooded every time this happens.

Incidentally, I saw a few dumbasses get stuck in the water during the nor’easter. A genius in a brand new Mercedes figured that Newark and Willow was a good place to cross…. Ha. Dumbass.


josephcampbell – I think you mean some of the sewer hookups from the buildings.

They have not torn up Hudson street between 8th – 11th to replace the actual sewers.