Great American Smokeout 2011

Are you quitting smoking for the Great American Smokeout?

Today marks the annual Great American Smokeout Day, sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

Good luck to those in Hoboken that choose to put the butts down for good!

Interesting side note, I saw somewhere recently that the ACS is one of the largest for-profit charities in the world, with an operating budget in like the billions of dollars. Additionally, it was once reported that they were one of the least effective charities with the monies they receive, and that a good bulk of the funding went not to help cancer patients, but rather straight to big pharma companies – for whatever that’s worth.

Don’t you also wonder why this big “smokeout day” is only once a year?

And how come you never see the “Great American Stop Eating Deadly Sugar” days? That would probably save a whole lot more people from sickness and death than cigarettes!

Great American Smokeout Day 2011 November 17

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Complaining about the American Cancer Society? That’s time well spent. Bravo.

Smoking is the largest preventable cause of disease and death. More than obesity, diabetes, etc. The Great American Smokeout is well timed to capitalize on the fact that many people think about quitting as a New Year resolution.

The ACS does not have financial ties to pharma, but I can’t comment on how efficiently it uses its funds.

Way to stay positive on this great day!


I quit cold turkey last night at 6pm on my way home from work. Crushed the entire pack and tossed it into the recycle bin. So far so good. Don’t need that garbage in my body anymore.