New Pilates class at Gallery 1200

Open level Pilates community mat class at Gallery 1200: 11am Saturdays

Local Pilates Instructor Amy Valent-Ribot has a new weekly class on Saturday mornings at the new Gallery 1200 community space (12th & Washington). Read on for more!

Amy Valent Ribot Pilates Instructor Hoboken NJ Gallery 1200 Saturday Mornings - New Pilates class at Gallery 1200

Saturday Pilates in Hoboken for all skill levels

Pilates strengthens the deepest muscles that support the spine and the pelvis (the “core”). The slow, focused approach of the Pilates method enables the student to create new neural pathways, realigns posture and target muscles that most forms of fitness often miss. The community mat class format take you through classic pilates moves, with a contemporary approach. This is a 55 minute mixed level class. Students should bring their own yoga mat. $15 dollar suggested donation per student. Go to to sign up. Any questions prior to class can be directed to the instructor:

About Amy Valent-Ribot

Amy Valent-Ribot moved to Hoboken in 1985. In 1990 she began attending classes in the Argentine Tango, studying with the world’s masters. From here, her many curiosities of movement resulted in not only studying the lead and follow of an intricate social dance, but also deeper explorations via the Alexander Technique and yoga. In 1995, she began teaching group dance classes in Hoboken. From 2000 to 2003, she hosted Tango by the Hudson, a free outdoor dance venue on Pier A. She began teaching the Tango at the Hoboken YMCA in 2001. Amy gravitated towards Pilates and discovered that it not only improved her technique on the dance floor, but alleviated chronic pain. In 2006, Amy completed all of her certifications in Pilates at the Kane School of Core Integration in New York. She began teaching pilates mat at the YMCA in 2005 until its sudden closure in March, 2010. In 2009, Amy became an ACE-certified group fitness instructor.

This past summer, Amy offered an Outdoor Summer Series, teaching free Pilates mat classes in Elysian Park. Also in 2011, she became certified as a willPower & Grace instructor (barefoot cardio). She continues her education by attending workshops and lectures with renowned fitness and bodywork professionals. For more information about the Pilates method, go to

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