Itty Bitties Boutique Doomed

2/3/2010 Update:

Did all the kids grow up already?

Itty Bitties Boutique at 207 Washington Street joins the growing Doomed Hoboken Business List. The reader who sent this in said the rent is currently $4200 bucks a month for this shoe-box sized retail location. I guess too many people are still watching MSNBC for their economic news?

Itty Bitties Doomed in Hoboken NJ

See grand opening announcement from happier days – after the jump!

9/12/2007 Update:

Itty Bitties Boutique opened up their doors to Hoboken today. Already there were moms with strollers snatching up “cute” things for their little “rock stars”.

Welcome to Hoboken, and good luck Michelle!


itty-bitties-boutique-hoboken-knuckleheads.jpgOpening soon near the Black Bear bar/restaurant is Itty Bitties Boutique!

The owner Michelle White says that her children’s clothing store is more than just a place to shop, but also a fun experience for your kids.

The shop will have apparel, shoes and accessories for infants up to 5 year-olds. Baby slings, diaper bags, blankets and more. You may find concert T’s for tots (AC/DC, Kiss, Poision to name a few), trendy camo pants, baby legs and Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers. Her price range will vary, as she wants to make her product selection accessible to all her customers, but in addition to the general line of goods she will carry, there will be various specialty items as well. Cute Kaiya Eve skirts, Knuckleheads Army jackets, and organic lines too.

She’s hoping to have the shop open by Labor Day, in time for the pre-school shopping blitz.

Additionally, she plans to have a Grand Opening fashion show so everyone can get a glimpse of what she sells.

Down the line, she will also be offering book readings, sing-a-longs, art projects and “make your onesies” during weekend hours. There will also be a changing table in the back that has all the necessities, in case of emergency.


Description: Childrens clothing and accessories. Fun events on weekends.
Address: 207 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Web: (not online yet)
Phone: 201-517-5777

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Hey Dharma1129,

If you ever bought any real estate, you would know that not all landlords are greedy.
I have been a landlord in town for many, many years. When a tenant gets locked out at midnight, I show up, not make them pay for a locksmith. I paint every place before someone new comes in. I make sure everyone is happy.
The problem with Hoboken is that they DOUBLED THE TAXES. Again, if you bought your own place, you would know that. I don’t even break even because our taxes have gone sky high and we just can’t try to double the rents when we know they’re not even worth it and no one would pay it! So instead, we bring home a few dollars instead of getting nothing, but we lose money every month because of the taxes.
So there it is. And being a former business person in town (and we do talk to other businesses), some people always assume that they can have expensive products and think most Hobokenites are rich. Ten years ago, businesses were still trying to get people to shop locally and not at the malls.


I can’t believe that store lasted so long. I went in several times and thought their merchandise was terrible and very overpriced. Ciao baby (think that is the name) on the other end of Washington has much cuter things and can find things of all price points. In my opinion.


What does watching MSNBC have to do with this store closing? Are you trying to blame Obama??? Unbelievable!Come on, Hoboken businesses have been closing for the last 7 years. Greedy landlords is the problem, not MSNBC


I went in the store to see if they would like to serve on our local Itty Bittt T*tty Committee, but apparently it’s not that kind of place.

With the economy I wouldn’t be surprised if Toddler Tans, Babee Blackberries, and Infant Istore are doomed too.


The word on the street is a new dessert place on garden st is making a move for itty bitties. Their slogan is something like have a dice day?