63rd Army Band

As part of the ongoing “Summer Enchanted Evenings” series of events taking place at Sinatra Park throughout the Summer, I figured I’d whip together a quick video of last nights performance of the 63rd Army Band.

Not much of a crowd showed up (unlike Frank Raia’s Birthday party – I guess it was the free food and drink – or the recent heat wave), but the band put on a nice show for those that attended. A mix of passer-by, war veterans and local residents both old and young.

A well orchestrated mix of music. From big band, to Motown, traditional Army marching songs, and even some “Spy” themed songs, from James Bond and Austin Powers movies.

You can read more about the 63rd Army Band here:

Thanks again to Susan Suter (on flute/piccolo) for contacting me last month.

It’s too bad the Crepe Grill hasn’t opened yet. Would have been a treat for those choosing to eat there tonight, and perhaps a larger crowd would have been able to enjoy the show. Next time.

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Maybe the river walk is going to finally start.

Tama Murden

Re “Enchanted Evenings”: Thanks, 411, for promoting this many-years’ wonderful summer venue.

Thanks, too, for Geri Fallo’s endurance.

Ernie Contri is upcoming.
(I believe it’s 7/12? Sorry if I have the date wrong.)
A charming performer, truly. Some may find him corny. I celebrate his hommage to the Hoboken that’s mostly gone.

He’s clearly senior. I offer that only b/c of the heinous weather he performs in here, every summer. And b/c he usually appears in a tuxedo (depending on the temp., sometimes jacket/tie off, as the night progresses).

He croons wonderfully heartfelt tunes, mostly from the Sinatra Songbook. Some Tony Bennett. And sometimes Al Jolson (that’s admittedly harder to bear, but no matter–his intentions are good).

I always like to think of him at some Hoboken club, ca. 1967, when I’m sure his voice had less senior-vibrato. Maybe Signore’s Lounge on Hudson St., or one of those on Hoboken’s lower west side (there were many, I hear).

He’s really not to be missed, as his local salt-of-the-earth stylings of the American Songbook will mostly be gone w/his generation.

Maybe someone will videotape his performance.

The heat, thankfully, is reportedly breaking on Weds. a.m.
Better for Ernie & anyone who comes out to see him.

Your loss, if you don’t go!


Hey what the hell is that Yahoo! crane thing up by the infamous ‘parking lot falling into the Hudson’? Any ideas?