City Hall not safe to drive by II

8/13/2008 Update:

I’m still very much disappointed in this intersection, and would hardly expect anyone from City Hall to listen.

Ballard does no good!

I spent some time near this intersection last week and found that vehicles butt right up to the ballard, and it is still difficult to see oncoming traffic. Cars still creep into the lane of traffic to get a better view. Car after car after car.

Why won’t City Hall listen to my previous intersection suggestions? Especially near “home base?”



3/15/2008 Disappointing Update:

Way to go, City Hall!


A little over eight months ago, the city wised-up and installed a parking barrier at the intersection of Newark and Bloomfield to help reduce chances of yet another accident.

While I believed ONE wasn’t enough, and it was still too close to the corner, they put forth the effort nonetheless. I saw yesterday that this barrier is toast, and people are violating the parking law right in front of their faces. Time to fix it! (Thanks to the 411 reader that sent me the pic I didn’t have a chance to get…)

TO CITY HALL: This time, please install TWO barriers, and further up the street. It’s still a bit hard to see if anyone’s coming, especially when an SUV is parked there.

Start your stopwatches now, everyone!

7/11/2007 Original Update:

Hoboken411 gets results!

Here’s an anchored barrier at the intersection of Newark and Bloomfield. I’d still suggest it be a little further back, but it’s definitely a good start.


See the rest of this “right under their noses” story after the jump.


Just a few weeks after the previous accident at the intersection near City Hall, another one happened last night.

I think the intersection parking suggestions myself and many of the readers made really should be looked at by the City Council once and for all. What will it take, a fatality? A lawsuit?

Thanks to the reader for sending in the photos and observation.

“Collision Corner strikes again.
Monday night around 10:20 PM another pretty serious accident @ Bloomfield & Newark St. and as usual illegal parking looks to have been a contributing factor. Illegal parking too close to the corner & often in the cross walk are a regular occurrence on this corner across from City Hall & have contributed to numerous accidents; one accident a while ago occurred at such a high rate of speed that one of the cars jumped the corner & physically hit City Hall. Really, no fooling. Ya think it might be time to ticket & tow the illegal parking regardless of who the car belongs to or put up some type of no parking cones?

Hoboken Biker”


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[quote comment=”99226″]My suggestion:

Take the grassy area behind city hall which is mainly used by pedestrians walking dogs on it and turn it into 10 parking spaces. 5 of the spaces for City Employee use and 5 with metered parking for public use (max parking is 60 minutes).

Then, make 1/2 parking from Washington St to Bloomfield Street on Newark illegal – put up those big NO PARKING signs and yellow stripes and whatever it takes to tell the retards that you can’t park there (including City Hall employees).[/quote]

They can put picnic benches and barbecue pits out there for City Hall employees to use during lunch break.

No, but seriously. The patch of grass is zoned for something else. Parking spaces will never go there.


i thought the other day, it’s really getting to the point where every intersection should have a stop light. not sure why they haven’t thought about this yet. it would suck, but honestly, people fly down some of the streets, and the speed bumps barely phase the ones in SUVs


[quote comment=”99299″]It is a dangerous intersection, as is the one on 1st/Bloomfield where you can’t see the cars zipping up 1st. I used to turn from Observer onto Bloomfield coming back into Hoboken. Now I turn on Park, and then make a right on 3rd to get to Bloomfield.[/quote]
Yep, that’s right where I got my “reckless driving” ticket a few years back for stopping in the middle of the intersection because someone was flying up 1st. I inched out into the intersection and this lady came flying. I had a choice to either stop in the intersection or floor it and possibly run over someone crossing the street in front of me. The cop “never saw” the women who went flying past but ticketed me for “reckless driving.” OK, it didn’t help that I argue with the officer and that’s probably the only reason I even got a freakin’ ticket. Of course, I was going to fight it but when I showed up for my court date the officer hadn’t submitted the ticket yet and I was told to try back later. Try back later. Huh?


It is a dangerous intersection, as is the one on 1st/Bloomfield where you can’t see the cars zipping up 1st. I used to turn from Observer onto Bloomfield coming back into Hoboken. Now I turn on Park, and then make a right on 3rd to get to Bloomfield.


I like the random patches of green around town. I would hate to see them all disapper just to accomdate more cars. Then you would have all those people backing up into traffic as they leave their spaces.