Meals on Wheels “lunch truck”

Most don’t think of Meals on Wheels when it comes to lunch trucks

With the big lunch truck phenomenon in Hoboken over the past few years, many of you probably don’t think about a certain lunch truck which has been serving senior citizens for over 35 years!

The Meals on Wheels Association!

The Hudson County Meals on Wheels program is federally funded, and serves Hoboken as well as Guttenberg, North Bergen, Union City, Weehawken and West New York. Several dozen elderly people in Hoboken receive hot lunches direct to their door daily.

If you’re looking for some new ways to volunteer your time – consider calling our local Meals on Wheels program (201-866-1113) to see if they could use some help. You can also make donations.

Hoboken Meals on Wheels lunch truck - Meals on Wheels "lunch truck"

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