Reporter Roundup – 7/10/2007

hoboken-reporter-letters-to-the-editor.jpgContinuing the ongoing series, here are a couple highlights from the 7/8/2007 edition of our local paper, The Hoboken Reporter.

Michael Mullins is now back from his few weeks off.

What are your opinions of the new advertising method they’re using? The white plastic bag with the Liberty Science Center VIP Sneak Preview on it, instead of the old clear bag that was easier to identify. The small Hudson Reporter logo on the end of the bag wasn’t enough to make many people I know mistake them for those junk mail packs that are also left on the stoop, and just got thrown out. Maybe they’ll re-design the layout.

Cover Stories

New Council Sworn In


The front page story on the July 1st council meeting will be familiar if you read the Hoboken411 recap from July 2nd. The paper decided to focus on new Council President Theresa Castellano’s call to involve district committee persons in the government process. The Reporter erroneously stated that “Since Hoboken is such a heavily Democratic town all of the committee people are Democrats, according to Hoboken Democratic Organization Chair Maurice Fitzgibbons.”

Umm… there are thousands of Hoboken Republicans who would care to differ. Sure, all the people elected to the Hoboken Democratic Committee are Democrats, but apparently the Hoboken Reporter is unaware that the GOP also elects committee people. Yes Virginia (and Maurice) there are Republicans in Hoboken. In fact, here’s one of them right on the front page of the Reporter getting sworn in to the 5th Ward Council seat!

The most controversial vote of the council meeting (on Peter Cammarano’s reappointment to the Planning Board) was the last thing mentioned in the article after the jump on Page 23, where we find pictures of Jimmy Farina administering the oath to 4th ward councilwoman Dawn Zimmer, and 2nd ward councilwoman Beth Mason chatting with Police Chief Carmen LaBruno.

High-Tech Science Scholar
The council story shares the front page with a story about a Hoboken student who won a $2,000 science scholarship. Congrats to Annie Rose London, who attends the Hudson County High-Tech High School.


Page 3: Election Fraud Follow-up
To their credit the Reporter continues to try to keep the 5th ward voter fraud story alive in the face of a Hudson County government structure that doesn’t seem to think it’s anything worth investigating. Voter fraud has been so common in Hudson County that if the Reporter wasn’t keeping the story alive, it would probably be dropped all together.

campospic.jpgPage 4: Campos Legal Briefs
This is where the paper notes Chris Campos is no longer a West New York Prosecutor. When asked why he “chose not to reapply” for the position, Campos said “Things changed in West New York. Sires isn’t there anymore.” Former Mayor Albio Sires is now a Congressman. New Mayor Sal Vega is no fan of Campos, who supported rival Brian Stack for State Senate.

Page 5: German Police Beat
Funny story in the blotter this week. Guy walks up to another guy and asks “Do you speak German?” Other guy says “Yes.” First guy responds by calling him “Arschloch,” (that means asshole in German) and a street fight ensues. Both subjects are treated for minor injuries at the police station before refusing to press charges against each other. Another night in Hoboken.

Page 6: What Is Al Sullivan Smoking???
stoned-al-sullivan-politics-hoboken.jpgAl Sullivan’s “Between the Lines” political gossip column has never been known for accuracy, but this week’s edition really has some doozys in the “no effing way” department.

Check it out:

“While (Mayor) Roberts may or may not be fading from the political scene, Councilwoman (Terry) LaBruno said she is not, and that she intends to run for mayor in 2009. “I need to start working on that right now,” she said. “We need leaders who are going to unite people, not divide them.”

Huh??? Two weeks ago Sullivan had LaBruno finishing out the term as the last Roberts supporter on the council, now she is going to succeed Roberts? As for being a “uniter,” LaBruno is known as a “divider” of the Born-N-Raised and Newcomers. Sullivan goes on to start naming a possible 2008 mayoral ticket. This is where things get really ridiculous:

“One ticket that is apparently being contemplated has (Peter) Cammarano for mayor with Frank Raia, Carol Marsh… and (Ruben) Ramos for at-large tickets.”

What??? Raia, Marsh and Ramos running on a ticket led by Cammarano for Mayor? Where does he get this stuff? Wait, it gets better. Sullivan actually calls Cammarano “a reformer.” Visit Hoboken much Al? Here’s a scorecard for you:

Cammarano: Unknown in 2005 elected with HCDO money and Roberts/Kenny support. Now with Brian Stack and the DFHC.

Raia: Born-N-Raised millionaire developer who ran with HCDO support for 3rd ward council, and lost to DFHC incumbent Mike Russo.

Marsh: Elected to council in 2001 with HCDO money and Roberts/Kenny support, lost independent bid against Roberts in 2005. Back with Roberts/Kenny/HCDO support in failed 2007 bid for State Assembly.

Ramos: Councilman elected with Roberts/Kenny/HCDO support, only to run and win on the Stack/DFHC ticket for State Assembly.

With Cammarano and Ramos with the DFHC and Raia and Marsh with the HCDO, how does Sullivan get the idea these four will be on a ticket together? It is more likely Cammarano, Raia, and Marsh will each run for Mayor against each other in 2008 (along with Russo, LaBruno, and a half dozen others) while Ramos may not run for reelection to the Council at all, choosing to focus on his Assembly job instead. Al, where do you get this stuff buddy?

Page 46: Letters to the Editor

  • The lead letter this week comes from Mark Heyer, who is calling on the “Old Guard” political power structure in town to face a new reality. It’s worth a read.
  • Linda Corea congratulates Terry Castellano, and her son, who was elected committeeman. Ohhh, now it makes sense why Castellano wants to get the committeemen involved in city business. Maybe she’s grooming a successor.
  • Arturo Martinez invites people to see “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Sinatra Park.

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I think THE MOST IMPORTANT piece of information that I want to know is where Diaperman Cammarano’s daughter was delivered. I want to know. It better be HUMC, or he is DOA……..


Reading Al Sullivan on Hoboken politics reminds me of listening to Chris Compost at a combination Ethics/Driver Education/AA meeting…what a joke no excuse me a nightmare!!!!

Diaper Boy Cammaratto Sell Out Marsh Labradoodle Labruno Retarded Ramos ….reformers HA!HA!

Al is just a paid mouthpiece for HCDO!!! How anyone can read him without laughing out loud is beyond me!!!!

The sooner 411 puts that rag known as “The Reporter” out of business the better for the environment and the citizens of Hoboken!!!!


Trail of Dead
Trail of Dead

Have you met SarahC? (T3, SarahConnor…. )


Trail of Dead
Trail of Dead

stand tramp

Seriously, are you potatochip? And, you obviously know nothing about Hoboken politics either, just a parrot.

And, you have never had a good taco have you.

Finally, stay off the meth, at least while the sun’s up.


Cute, anyway, TofD, all of these things have been written about in both 411 and also for many years in the REporter, And to my recollection both 411 and the Reporter even did stories for people like you breaking this down in th last 6 months. Check the archives of both, They’re there for you, the Reporter won awards reporting them and Im sure 411 will so tThere’s no shortage of info in this town but i know it can be hard to keep up