Hoboken General Election Primer

Sports gambling OK’d; Hoboken rent control amendments stay & more

Hoboken Election Results NJ November 8 2011Today’s general election winners:

  • Public Question #1 – NJ Sports Betting (YES)
  • Public Question #2 – Reverse Hoboken Rent Control Amendments (NO)
  • State Senate – 33rd District (BRIAN STACK)
  • General Assembly – 33rd District (RUBEN RAMOS, JR. & SEAN CONNORS)
  • County Executive (TOM DEGISE)
  • Freeholder – 5th District (ANTHONY ROMANO)

Any news other than this is just political minutia that only those close to the candidates care about. Have a nice night!

Two Public Questions to vote on – November 8, 2011


As some of you know tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8th is the 2011 “General Election” for NJ Senator (33rd District) and other state and county positions. But more important than political talking heads, are two specific issues that the voting public can decide the fate of.

If you don’t care to read the fine print on the ballot – below is the quick & simple explanation of what your vote means:

Hoboken General Election November 8 2011 Public Questions

Public Question #1: Legalizing Sports Betting

Right now, the only states in America you can legally make sports wagers are Nevada and Delaware. You can bet on horses here in NJ, but that’s it. This public question is whether to allow sports wagering in New Jersey (since illegal betting is done online anyway, NJ wishes to capitalize on the revenue).

  • YES – you support legalized sports betting at NJ casinos and racetracks.
  • NO – you do not want legalized sports betting in New Jersey.

Public Question #2: Repealing the Z-88 Rent Control Ordinance

This public question is only for Hoboken residents, to repeal the Rent Control amendments the City Council recently approved. The city revised the Rent Control regulations in Hoboken more in favor of landlords, and this vote will decide if those amendments will be reversed to their original (pro-tenant) state.

  • YES – Repeal the Rent Control amendments the city made (THIS IS PRO-TENANT)
  • NO – Keep the Rent Control amendments (THIS IS PRO LANDLORD)


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I don’t want to get in the middle of your romantic problems.


xxxxx aka dr phil ..first off it’s none of your concern,in regard to my post to the young man..I commended him on over coming the adversities in life to try and made a difference in the world…As for walking in anyones shoes may I ask if you would condone any type of abuse from a boyfriend towards your mother or any member of your family? Dr Phil best you shut your trap of what does not pertain to you…hugs to u


5201 endorsment by mouth or $$$$$$$$$ ? The majority council has alligator hands and deep pockets..As for the city hall fiasco this has happened under the transparent administration’s watch. The moderator of this web site posted the feds were in town last june..No supprise,more than what motive would one who earns 72 clams a year put his intigerity on the line as well as his future?? What ever reason it just does not make sense,In this culture of transparency.. 😳 😳


Has Zimmer, Bhalla , Mello, Marsh or Cunningham’s endorsement ever helped anyone?


Congrats to our Rueben Ramos and Stick Romano. Looks as if the zimmeretts proved once again that their council majority poison pen endorsements will kill any chance for election. Guess they can’t get it thru their heads, and can’t make the right decisions til they’ve tried all the wrong ones.