Replacement Dawn Zimmer?

Is it legal to swap Dawn Zimmer for another Dawn Zimmer?

Hoboken411 reader Fran found another Dawn Zimmer online the other day, and sent in this note:

“Watching Hoboken politics over the years, I’m amazed that a community like ours cannot ever seem to put a competent person in office. If it’s not FBI arrests, it’s complete ineptitude. Nothing in between. Will the streak of bad luck ever end?

Anyway, I stumbled on this page for the Federal Aviation Administration the other day, and was astounded that there is actually a Dawn Zimmer out there that looks like she has actual skills. Can we simply just replace one Dawn Zimmer with another?

Take a look at this other Dawn Zimmer, she looks like she has real-world business skills, and would probably run Hoboken a lot better than a lady who mooched off her husband’s diamond business and supposedly snapped a few pictures and called herself a photographer.

With the sad state of affairs in this city, we need to start thinking outside the box!”

Which Dawn Zimmer would you want?

Dawn Zimmer has a twin - Replacement Dawn Zimmer?

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Does FAA Dawn have a closet full of gray pant-suits? If so, she ‘s in!


You have to see the shoes?[quote comment=”212254″]Does FAA Dawn have a closet full of gray pant-suits? If so, she ‘s in![/quote]