3rd Annual Rotary Spelling Bee

Rotary Spelling Bee a great occasion!

Big props for all the participants in the third annual Rotary Club Spelling Bee last night!

The winners were:

  • Ananya Jain (Stevens Cooperative School)
  • Vienne Voysey (Mustard Seed School)
  • Gabby Howenstein (Stevens Cooperative School)

The winning word was: “Occasions.”

Hoboken Rotary Club sponsors Spelling Bee


The Hoboken Rotary Club is sponsoring the 3rd Annual Hoboken Spelling Bee at the Hoboken Catholic Academy (555 7th Street) on Thursday, November 10th at 7pm.

Hoboken Rotary Spelling Bee

Hoboken kids actually get dictionaries and enjoy education!

“Once again, seven Hoboken elementary schools are participating, providing their top three spellers of the 4th grade to compete, and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will take home gift certificates to Barnes and Noble.

Hoboken Rotary member Noelle Tate came up with the idea for this event when considering how to further our involvement with education in the community. Each year, we donate dictionaries to every 3rd grader in Hoboken. This event enhances this contribution while promoting literacy and education. These 4th graders each received a dictionary the previous year and they are all very excited (and nervous) to attend the Spelling Bee and compete. It’s so wonderful to see how energized the students can be for an educational event. The families also love watching and supporting the participants. We have received very positive feedback from the students, teachers, families, and community members for the past two years.”

Admission is $2.00. For more info, contact noelletate@yahoo.com or mstinson@lkslaw.net.

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