JerseyCats of the Week: 11/4/2011

Sheba needs a new home!

This week’s JerseyCats adoption update is all about Sheba.

“My name is Sheba, and I sure am a queen! If you’re more of a one-cat kind of owner, I’m the cat for you! I love my independence and prefer to be queen of my domain. But I’m quite the lover too! When I was rescued, I was found roaming the streets of Jersey City rubbing against passerby’s legs hoping anyone would take me in! It has been quite the wait for me, but I’m certain that my forever home is just around the corner. If you’re a person who “gets” cats, you’ll get me and my need for independence and simple companionship. I’d certainly be a nice friend to come home to after a day of work!”

Is your home the home for Sheba?

Contact JerseyCats to learn more about Sheba, or even better, to arrange to meet her in person.

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And look for more JerseyCats of the week on Hoboken411! And check out cats like Sheba next Sunday, November 13th from 12-3 at Hoboken Pet during our next adoption event!”

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