Uptown Graffiti and more

Here, the lovely Upper Grand condos (and others) got sprayed with neon orange spray paint. This apparently happened early this morning around 1:00am. The perpetrator was reported to be a white male wearing a black cap. The Curling Club was also tagged.

A reader mentioned it this morning and also indicated the she noticed yet another car window smashed. My dog stepped in some of the glass before I could catch it.

“So I’m out walking my dog this morning along our usual route and I see a tossed aside can of spray paint with a bright orange lid. Then I look up and there are tags everywhere! Most prominently on the lovely WHITE concrete facade of the condos at 1200 Grand Street. This is in addition to the seeing a smashed out car window on Saturday morning, the second in as many weekends. What the hell is happening to my neighborhood?”

uptown graffiti hoboken july 8 2007 5 - Uptown Graffiti and more
uptown graffiti hoboken july 8 2007 1 curling club - Uptown Graffiti and more
hoboken car windshield smashed - Uptown Graffiti and more

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Sunday, July 22, 2007 2:51 am

they should have their balls cut off for graffiti

uptown girl
uptown girl
Wednesday, July 11, 2007 1:57 pm

Sarah is 100% correct. Take action. If something is wrong call the police. I have had friends literally see someone suspicious in their building or on their property, chase them and call the police. In one case, the purp was caught with stolen property and had a warrent out for his arrest besides. I also had a neighbor who caught some kids tresspassing and left me a message asking me what she should do. 20 mins later, when I called back, she had not called the police and indicated that she might have time to do that in the next couple of days. I am guessing that she never bothered and if she did, the kids had changed their clothes so any description would be useless. Even calling getting the police to show up and dealing with them when they do arrive can be difficult. 1) I called the police about (non-resident) kids repeatedly hanging out and drinking on my stoop. Called police, told them the situation and was asked what they were doing wrong? (Trespassing, underage drinking, litering, I don’t know. And I also suspected that they were responsible for the new tag in on the block.) Called my councilman and got increased police patrols and a clear, liter free passage to my building. 2) Walking my dog in Columbus Park late one night and notice a bicycle in the shelter. Assuming that it was likely stolen and dumped, I went to get the info on the bike so… Read more »

Monday, July 9, 2007 10:33 pm

[quote comment=”33574″][quote comment=”33455″]
Graffitti artists are artists and they have something to say….so what do you think the artist is trying to tell you?[/quote]

That is the lamest attempt at grafitti I’ve ever seen – this kid’s no ‘artist’ he’s just a little shit-head punk. Hope he keeps it up and gets caught. Punks who do this type of crap eventually get caught – you can’t expect the cops to be in every place a crime happens. I’m sure they would have sent any free cop over there if it was called in while he was doing his ‘artwork’

Monday, July 9, 2007 7:54 pm

This whole thread is full of fascinating analysis, but I haven’t heard one suggestion that hints at a solution other than what “THEY” should do about it. Oh, I’m sorry, one poster suggested that if we eliminated parts of town, the graffiti would stop. Huh?? SFH – that’s a great story and I’m happy they caught the little douchebags. However, obviously you can’t just hope that everyone will be that careless. The bigger question is, what can we do to solve this? You know why the cops worry about towing a car 6 inches into the crosswalk? Because someone called to complain (I think we’ve all beaten the “no one enforces parking” horse to death, so they’re probably not taking the initiative unless the car is obstructing emergency vehicles’ path). The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Of course any of us would be more upset if it happened to our house, car, etc. But unless I was prepared to DO something about it, I’d have to just accept that sometimes people suck and sucky things happen to me but I’ll get over it, even if it sucks. I can’t expect the City to spend a million dollars in resources to solve a $200 non-violent crime, and everyone would be on here hollering about the waste of resources if they did. If this is an issue in your neighborhood, how about rattling some cages? Call the cops. Call the politicians. Call the newspapers. Keep calling. Be a real pain in the… Read more »

Monday, July 9, 2007 6:03 pm

“Hate to break it to you – but that’s not the way things work. And doing random, pointless things is *exactly* what kids do (it’s practically the definition of being one).”

“I’m being realistic – the Hoboken PD is not going to make a federal case out of this.”

Sigh? You’re statement sounds exactly like you’re condoning it. Maybe you’d feel differently if the orange paint was sprayed all over your car? Or maybe part of the problem is that we don’t even EXPECT the cops to do anything about it. Funny, I’ve seen cops put a high priority on getting cars towed off the street when they are 6 inches into the crosswalk, or they see a dog off leash in the park…

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