Do city vehicles need to park illegally?

Other than emergency personnel – who in Hoboken can park illegally?

We all understand that those who work in “emergency” organizations like the Police, Fire or EMS should park wherever they need to when tending to urgent calls.

However, Hoboken411 gets countless letters month in and month out from readers who wonder why any non-essential personnel from Hoboken City Hall should get a free pass for breaking the law. What makes their jobs so important that they can violate the laws meant to protect drivers and pedestrians?

In fact, some have even suggested that for each city infraction – that the Mayor and supervisor from the respective offending division should be DOCKED PERSONAL PAY. We’ll see how fast these violations stop taking place then!

Hoboken Municipal vehicle blocks bus stop on Washington Street - Do city vehicles need to park illegally?

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Ian Sacs’ salary would be reduced to $0.00 then!


isn’t Bianciamianos italiian deli up the block on the west side? Isn’t that space a bus stop? maybe the eye doctor on the corner or yeah the hair dresser…chinese take out green garden.O well city workers have to eat too..[quote comment=”212074″]Ian Sacs’ salary would be reduced to $0.00 then![/quote]