Columbus Gardens

I have some fuzzy recollection that this third ward Housing Authority project was supposed to have a dog run and a BBQ pit installed.

Is there growing tension between the “yuppies” and the “projects” in that area? In just a few years what was once just the Projects and some warehouse buildings has turned into wall-to-wall “luxury” condos around the projects.

I seem to remember someone saying the HHA people didn’t want a dog park used by yuppies, even though it was supposed to be a dog park for them. That’s why it may have been removed. Same for the BBQ pit. Unlike the 4th ward projects which are a city unto themselves, the newcomers around the 9th street projects just look at the HHA as “part of the neighborhood” for their use.

An email sent to third ward Councilman Michael Russo asking what happened here has not yet been answered.

While it was under construction:



Description – Apartments – Affordable Housing
Address – 451 9th St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – (201) 798-0370


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Kind of a different subject, but our taxes are going up this year. 45% of our tax dollars go to the Hoboken school, which is attended by youths in subsidized housing. Tax-paying Hoboken residents typically don’t even stay long enough to put their kids into the public schools.


For the past few Sundays there have been BBQ’s here utilizing the newly renovated open space. While the BBQ’s are fine, the music which was pumping until 10:30 PM is not. Anyone know anything about these functions?

uptown girl

[quote comment=”33589″]You did miss something. No one is entitled to destroy anything. If you have an issue with a neighbor go to your condo board – read the minutes & by-laws.[/quote]

I guess we were working off diferent assumptions. It takes one comment for the owners who live in my building to be more considerate. This does not address the inconsiderate people who out side my building who I see repeatedly allowing their pet to go on my builidng’s and other’s plantings (despite my pleas that they stop.)

Truthfully, I am suprised that people had so much to say about pet being a luxury and no one had a comment about having a second home being a luxury.


[quote comment=”33553″]Hobokentownie – Maybe I missed it, but exactly how does paying one’s own way, entitle someone to allow their “luxury” pets, to ruin plantings that other private citizens have paid for and/or installed? Further, I am most interested in how to access them for that damage and to collect the money.[/quote]
You did miss something. No one is entitled to destroy anything. If you have an issue with a neighbor go to your condo board – read the minutes & by-laws.

However, residents of public housing should not have the luxury of a pet, because by definition being poor means the absence of basic needs, much less, luxuries. Your condo association can fine the owner, but in the projects the tax payer always pays.


[quote comment=”33576″]I drove past the baseball field back on Jackson yesterday around 5.00pm – it was a great day, perfect for hanging out, playing sports catching some sun on the grass………………but there was not one person even on the field – what a waste.

Oh – there were a few guys sitting on an old couch on the side walk eating cheese and brown bagging.[/quote]

Hmmm…. sounds exactly like the Maxwell Place prison yard – err, “park” every weekend. Except that all cheese-eaters would be promptly arrested. 😯