JerseyCats of the Week: 10/28/2011

Romeo needs a new home!

This week’s JerseyCats adoption update is all about Romeo.

Adopt Romeo the Cat in Hoboken NJ - JerseyCats of the Week: 10/28/2011

“Hi I’m Romeo and my love for my future family will certainly not lead to tragedy! I’m a bit shy at first, but once I get to know you, I’m quite outgoing and likely to make you laugh! Recently I’ve been introduced to other feline buddies and get along with them great! I don’t mind playing “follow-the-leader” with cats that love to be in charge… and I’ll even share my toys and food if they’re lucky! I’ve loved being with foster families but can’t wait to find my forever home!”

Is your home the home for Romeo?

Contact JerseyCats to learn more about Romeo, or even better, to arrange to meet him in person.

Keep following JerseyCats on our site, Twitter and Facebook.

And look for more JerseyCats of the week on Hoboken411! And check out cats like Romeo this Sunday, October 30th from 12-3 at Hoboken Pet during our next adoption event!”

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