Things to do this weekend in Hoboken

Ideas for Chilly Halloween weekend in Hoboken!

Most Halloween-minded people are probably divided into two groups: Those who know where they’re going (i.e., house party or bar event), and those who will just get in costume and party wherever they feel like. However, there are still non-Halloween things going on around Hoboken…

PS – a warm costume might not be a bad idea!

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What to do in Hoboken this weekend?

Here are some suggestions this weekend:

  • Halloween Weekend A good chunk of Hoboken bars will have Halloween-themed activities this weekend (along with contests and prizes)– but some you might want to check out are – Village Pourhouse, West Five Supper Club and even Helmers‘.
  • Eye Candy? Another suggestion might be to find a bar near the PATH station (like Texas Arizona), where you can watch the slew of costumed characters coming off the train and into Hoboken… Always an interesting scene.
  • Try a new sandwich! Seriously – take a spin to Summit, NJ and give the Hoboken Farms Sandwich Shop a whirl. They’re open 7 days a week from 10:30am to 3:30pm. But beware – you might become a bit spoiled.
  • Spooky Speed Dating? Forget just getting trashed in costume – how about some fun flirting at the Halloween Singles Speed Dating at Room 84 tonight starting at 7:30?
  • Constitutionally permitted mischief? – Instead of defacing property like some morons love doing, why not cause some mischief that won’t get you arrested – and make some noise in the ridiculous “Quiet Zone” on First Street (which happens to have more bars than any other thoroughfare in Hoboken besides Washington Street.)
  • Laying low? – Perhaps you want to escape from the madness for a few hours – then just catch a flick uptown instead. That movie In Time seems quite interesting…

Have a great weekend, and note that it’s better for your health to give away candy to others, instead of your own belly.

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