KoKo Fit Club looking to expand

KoKo Fit Club eyes 2nd location in Hoboken, NJ

Word on the street is that fitness center KoKo Fit Club, located at the Peachtree Hollow Commerce Center (i.e., “strip mall”) uptown – is doing so well, that they’re already looking for a second location just a little over a year after opening.

Last I heard they were eying this space above the Eyeshapes Opticians at 118 Washington Street. However, the space still list a “for rent” sign, so maybe the deal is still in the works.

But with so many retails spaces open around town – I doubt they’d have a tough time finding something that would allow them to grow as they wish.

Good luck, KoKo!

KoKo Fit Club looking to expand in Hoboken NJ

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Thursday, December 29, 2011 7:15 pm

Am shocked to hear they are opening a second location let alone doing well. Every time I walk pass their location (at various times of day) there is never a single person in there. Power to them.

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