What’s Up Dog

7/28/2008 Update/Review:

I have to take a moment here to tell you all about Arturo Amaya, and the “What’s Up Dog” walking/sitting service. I know some of you might not be comfortable with the whole “pack of dogs” system he uses, but I think he’s the best dog walker servicing Hoboken.

Normally, I have a network of dog-owning friends that can watch Oscar when I need to escape Hoboken, but I was in a bind a couple times in the past month. Since I see Arturo every now and then at the dog park, I figured I’d give him a call. He’s always friendly, pleasant and has an excellent (and authoritative) discipline with the dogs. He happily watched my dog overnight, took him on many walks, and kept him occupied. When I got Oscar back, he seemed very content, worn out, and satisfied.

So I needed Arturo to watch him again one more time recently, and I have to tell you, Oscar was happy as hell to see him! That is a great sign of a good dog-watcher/walker when after only one time, your pet eagerly greets him! He’ll be my go-to guy from now on.

Oh, and to make me feel even more comfortable as to what Oscar was doing, he sent me these pictures. Unbelievably cute! Highly recommended by 411!

5034771 4b7 - What's Up Dog
5034778 997 - What's Up Dog


(What’s up Dog?… continued..)

5034772 6e8 - What's Up Dog
5034779 b8b - What's Up Dog
5034781 b8f - What's Up Dog
5034780 c61 - What's Up Dog

New to the directory today, is dog walking service “What’s Up Dog”.

I got to see them in action a few times last week, and I think it’s great. Brings a whole large pack of pups to the dog runs for a nice long exercise session. You can sense that the love for the animals is sincere. I would feel comfortable going with this dog walker, knowing that I’m not paying for just a 5 minute pee-walk around the block.

Description: Professional Dog Lovers, Daily Dog Walks, Play Groups and Socialization, Boarding in Home Environment. References Available
Contact: Arturo & Alexandra Amaya
Phone: (201) 430-6717; Cell: (201) 936-9153
Email: rastablue13@hotmail.com
Website: www.whatsupdog.textdriven.com (back online)

whats up dog hoboken 1 - What's Up Dog
whats up dog hoboken 2 home boarding - What's Up Dog

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010 12:27 am

Holy old-thread-resurrection, Batman!

Well, at least Oscar looks absolutely adorable in these shots :).

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 12:18 pm

dawnrose just curious how much does it cost for a cat to be “sat” for a weekend? Would the pet go to your home or do you go the person’s home. I’m thinking of getting a cat/kitten to combat my mouse issue.

The dog I refer to above sadly passed away and I am now pet-less 🙁

ann baldinucci
ann baldinucci
Reply to  Stpaddygirl
Monday, August 16, 2010 11:09 am

I just left Hoboken for Greenwich, CT. Literally, the saddest part of leaving was leaving Arturo who has been so good to our dog, Milton. Milton is my little Jack Russell who was 1.5 years old when he started with Arturo. He was going to another dog walker in town and I could tell that he was getting depressed, because he was in the house too much. I called Arturo. When he came over to meet Milton for the first time, it was clear that he had a way with dogs. He reminds us of the dog whisperer -he even has the latin accent! Arturo and Milton became good friends. Milton would wait at the door for him on Saturdays and Sundays when there was no dog walking! 🙂 Milton became fit, well socialized and happy under Arturo’s care. And I lost my feeling of guilt when I had to stay late in the office. Milton would often be with Arturo and the other dogs for 3 hours in the afternoon -sometimes he would get home when I got home. When Milton hurt his ear, Arturo actually cared for it better than I did. He showed me a better way to wash it. Milton and I will miss Arturo tremendously. If Arturo has room in his dog pack, you would be lucky to be accepted!!! Feel free to email me with any questions or for a reference: ann at nabewise.com.[quote comment=”136785″]dawnrose just curious how much does it cost for a… Read more »

Reply to  Stpaddygirl
Monday, August 16, 2010 2:31 pm

Hi,I know this thread is quite old. I’m so sorry I lost track of responding to you. I have changed my username. My real name is Dawn Rose Larson. My username is the name of my petsitting service. That is Pawz&Clawz Petsitting Service. In any case if you are still interested,here is the answer to your inquiry. If I am taking care of a cat once a day,it is $15.00. If I take care of a cat twice a day,it is $25.00 for two daily visits. That is if you want me to come and go to your house. If I were to sleep at your house with the cat,that is an overnight. An overnight for a cat would be $30.00 per diem. I go to the client’s home whether I’m sitting for a cat,dog etc. I have an ad on Hoboken411. It’s in the classifieds. It’s under animals. [quote comment=”136785″]dawnrose just curious how much does it cost for a cat to be “sat” for a weekend? Would the pet go to your home or do you go the person’s home. I’m thinking of getting a cat/kitten to combat my mouse issue.The dog I refer to above sadly passed away and I am now pet-less [/quote]

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 12:11 pm

Listen up Johan, you are clearly mistaken. When you pay a dog walker to WALK your dog around a certain time and he flat out doesn’t do it, then HELL Yeah, I’m going to be pissed. Especially when he doesn’t walk him at all and the poor guy ends up crapping & pissing on the floor.

I usually never comment about businesses, but your uncle and sister really dropped the ball. Your childish comments about pet sitting are also a clear illustration of your professionalism. You couple that with our neighbors watching the other sham walks that ended at the curb outside our building and you are going to get a pissed off owner.

Most people will never know what goes on while they are away, so I hope this helps any owner that wants an honest review of this dog walker. As noted, there are plenty of other well received dog walkers to waste your time with these guys.

ann baldinucci
ann baldinucci
Reply to  booboothefool
Monday, August 16, 2010 1:52 pm

I have used Arturo for 1.5 years and he has been amazing. I just moved to Greenwich, CT and the saddest thing about leaving Hoboken is that Milton, my dog, won’t get to see Arturo anymore. My dog Milton was getting standard dog walking for a while and he was depressed because he was spending too much time in the house. I was also worried that he wasn’t being socialized. I was referred to Arturo by a colleague of mine who had been using him for his 2 dogs for 7 years. He gave me the best recommendation for Arturo -said how Arturo would often take the dogs for 2-3 hours to the dog park. My dog used to run away from the dog walker -he is quite shy. But when he met Arturo it was the opposite. It was obvious immediately that Arturo has a way with dogs. On Saturdays and Sundays when Arturo was not scheduled to come, Milton would still sit by the door and wait for him. Also to booboothefool’s note, I often work from home and I keep weird hours, I have come home during Milton’s play time and experienced the fact that Milton will be gone and at the dog park for many hours. Never has Arturo come for only a few minutes, and I can’t imagine that this is a true story -especially since my friend was using Arturo for 7 years and described the same thing that Arturo took his dog to… Read more »

johan guzman
johan guzman
Wednesday, February 18, 2009 11:55 am

[quote comment=”33195″]BUYER BEWARE!!! I just had to respond to this topic. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this post. Arturo and his wife come across as nice people with their nice little flip book of dogs and perceived gentle touch. Let me tell you otherwise. When we first moved to Hoboken we started using these guys but were informed by neighbors that they would take our dog out, let him relieve himself and then come back in 5 minutes later. We actually had paid for a 30 minute walk. On two occasions, they didn’t even take our dog out and he urinated in the house. Of course, Arturo denied it all even though it was quite obvious. They rarely walked him according to the schedule either. Knowing my dog, he tried so hard to hold it on, but just couldn’t make it. It broke my heart that we left him in the hands of such a scamwalker. We had a verbal confrontation over it, fired their sorry ass, and never used a dog walker again. There’s a certain level of trust you expect out of a baby sitter, or dog walker. They crossed that line on more than one occasion. Look at those pictures, how many of you dog owners out there that use these guys are aware that they are walking your dog (errr…taking him/her to the dog run) with 25 other dogs. Are you paying for a solo walk? Do you also know that they pack… Read more »

Reply to  johan guzman
Monday, November 15, 2010 10:29 pm

boobootheful you are definitely such a fool, it is easy to see how jealous and pathetic you are, or why is it that you are the only idiot that thinks negative of arturo? please go away and make the world a better place by keeping your hateful mouth shut![quote comment=”136777″]

LISTEN ARTURO IS A “DOG WALKER” NOT A DOGGY SITTER THAT SITS AROUND THE HOUSE WAITING ON YOUR DOG TO MAKE A MOVE! I’ve personally known Arturo for 11 years now and i have witnessed the love he has for dogs. I am his INDIVIDUAL/SINGLE DOG PACK HELPER. My name is Johan and you can call me at 347 7503437 to hear THE TRUTH ABOUT ARTURO! “Arturo is the Best ” THANK YOU 411!!! [/quote]

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 11:54 am

I have used Paws in Motion my dog loved Alan !

The dogs in these pics do seem happy however, I doubt pics of unhappy dogs would be distributed.

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