Hurricane Rina

Cancun, Mexico in Hurricane Rina’s Path

Hurricane Rina, which is churning in the Caribbean at the moment, isn’t expected to be of any concern for our area – but I know several Hoboken residents who happen to be “trapped” in Cancun, Mexico on vacation.

Rina is a Category 2 storm, and expected to strengthen to a Category 3 sometime today. Landfall in Cancun is predicted to be around 1pm Thursday.

I found out yesterday, that the resorts in the area take these situations seriously, and they already locked down the entire facility. My advice was to travel to the other side of the peninsula, where weather is supposed to be markedly better. But I’m not sure if they’d run a greater risk running into Mexican drug cartels – so maybe staying put and “enjoying” the wrath of Mother Nature might be a bit safer.

Here’s wishing the best of luck for all vacationers stuck down there!

Hurricane Rina threatens Hoboken NJ vacationers in Cancun Mexico - Hurricane Rina

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